What is NLP Technique Anchoring (Anchoring) Method? What Does It Do? What are the Benefits?

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What is hoeing? Where does it get its name? Anchoring method, which is an NLP technique that takes its name from holding on to a place, establishing a connection, or anchoring technique; While clearing negative thoughts from your brain, it fills the gaps with positive thoughts. Thus, you can turn a stressful and tense experience into a more peaceful and happy moment.

What is NLP?

Just like computers, our brain has a programming language, and what we call NLP technique is actually the abbreviation of this brain language. This programming language, which stands for “Neuro Linguistic Programming”, emerged in 1973 as a result of the collaboration of important linguists and therapists of the time. NLP, a method based on modeling mental processes, is controversial from some perspectives, but many people say it has benefited and been effective. The main purpose of NLP is to rearrange the coding in our brains from a positive perspective. The hoeing technique seems to be an effective method based on this. So what exactly is the hoeing technique?

What is Anchoring? What Does Anchoring Mean?

“What is the anchoring method?” In answer to the question, we said that it is a technique that allows negative emotions to be replaced by positive ones. The connections we call anchors are stimulants that appear in our lives and leave an impression on us. This is one of the emotions we feel when we smell the perfume of someone we love very much; Everything can be an anchor, from the bitterness we feel when we look at a very old painting. These connections are formed subconsciously, beyond our control. The hoeing method is also based on these principles.

Emotional and Mental Pathways Are Effective in Anchor Formation

what is hoeing
There are two types of anchors in hoeing. Although continuity is required for the formation of mental anchors, it is sufficient to be exposed to a stimulus even once for emotional anchors. The best example for this is fragrances. Especially if we smell the smell of a person we love, even once, we think of that person every time we smell that smell. While emotional anchors leave a much more effective place in our lives, mental anchors do not contain emotions.
Repetition is important for the formation of mental anchors. The most suitable example for this is advertisements and their music. While the dialogue that starts with “I have a riddle guys, come on ask questions” used in the advertisement of Eti can be an example of this, we can also say that when we say McDonalds, the red ‘M’ logo comes to mind directly.

Anchor 101: How Do We Throw Our Anchors Controlled?

hoeing method
Let’s explain through an example that has happened to us before, or that may happen. For example, you are going to a job interview and you are very nervous, and you do not have much confidence in yourself. In job interviews, you get confused with excitement and you don’t know what to say. The hoeing method is an effective way to overcome this.
When you want to anchor, the anchor asks you to remember a moment where you can do anything and feel confident. If you don’t mind, you can make it up yourself. At that moment when you feel most confident, the anchor touches a predetermined point on your body (for example, the top of your hand). Then you repeat this a few times a day without any breaks for a week or a few. This is how anchoring is done in psychology.

Benefits of Hoeing Method

Hoeing Method

Neuro-Linguistic Program (NLP) is used as an effective tool for behavior change and regulation. NLP has been effective on many people because it uses the connections between your mind and body when making the arrangements. We have compiled some of the benefits of this program, which is one of the smartest approaches to behavior change, in detail for you.

1) Hoeing Is With You While Staying True to the Purpose and Reaching Success

Many people want to be great without a specific goal or purpose. But the main way to be successful in a business is to set goals. The common feature of successful people is that they achieve their goals by staying true to their goals. However, procrastination is an easier escape route than trying to reach the goal. Helping to cope with this, NLP offers an effective approach by improving your self-discipline and achievement skills.

2) Anchors Let You Cope With Anxiety Easily

Anxiety and stress are one of the main problems of today and have a negative impact on mental performance. At the same time, it can negatively affect our social relationships and cause undesired results. Neuro Linguistic Programming thinks that anxiety originates from the subconscious and aims to enter the field of the subconscious in order to make radical changes. Thus, it makes it easier for you to deal with problems that affect your productivity and your life.

3) The Anchor Method Helps You Get Rid of Bad Habits

NLP is basically about relating to habits and lifestyles that you think are beneficial while freeing you from negative habits. This process, which usually starts with the individual’s acceptance of a bad behavior, ends with the helplessness of people not knowing what to do. In these cases, NLP will help you.

4) Anchor Technique Improves Your Leadership Traits

Disciplined and goal-oriented people have more developed leadership skills. NLP is at your side to fight against your unwanted behaviors for this purpose. NLP will walk the same path as you as you develop appropriate behavioral skills to become a person better suited to leadership qualities.

5) Anchoring Provides Support for Being More Positive

It is the dream of many of us to be individuals who are calmer, do not get nervous, and can approach things positively. Supporting you in coping with challenging conditions and coping with negative emotions, NLP works with you to achieve greater success. Setting out with the principle of changing your perception, NLP is a program that helps strengthen your mind in dealing with the unknown.

6) Hoeing Method Helps You Lose Weight

Leaving aside the diseases and problems encountered, most of the excess weight is the result of wrong eating styles and food preferences. Fighting weight gain habits is the most effective way to lose weight. After identifying and dealing with our obesity-causing behaviors, NLP also helps individuals mentally to exercise and fit into fitness programs.

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