50 Activities That Will Make Your Time At Home Efficient and Useful

We are at home again due to the coronavirus. During the pandemic, we understood that it is necessary to program the time we spend at home. So how can we make the free time here more useful? Here are 50 activities that will help you spend your time at home productively!
*We have linked the contents of each activity under the article.

1) Online Education

Online education platforms have started to change the concept of education around the world. Now people can access the education they want from online devices. You can also buy a course you want and design a good education program for yourself during the time you spend at home.
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2) The first thing that comes to mind: read a book.

Yes, maybe you bought books, and you’ve been staring from the library for a while. Don’t you think it’s time to meet again? 🙂
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3) Online Culture Trips

Entries and exits to European countries were closed. In fact, it looks like we won’t be able to travel for a long time. But of course, this does not prevent you from making cultural trips. You can visit museums and historical heritages from your computer.
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4) Earn money online.

Life somehow goes on. We have plans, dreams, expenses. So you can start making money online. You don’t necessarily have to have in-depth knowledge of a subject. There are postings for even the most straightforward jobs.
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5) Challenge yourself.

You can do the No Sugar Challenge, which is very popular right now. By completely avoiding refined sugar for 30 days, you will be doing your body a great favor. Or how about quitting smoking? Maybe you could create a chain of reading 50 pages each day.
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6) Podcast

Podcast culture continues to grow day by day. You can find great Turkish Podcasts on Spotify, Apple Music, YouTube.

7) Learn English, if you know, improve it.

This period can be an excellent opportunity to deal with the bleeding wound of many of us to learn English.
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8) TED

Technology, entertainment, design! Many of us love TED talks. TED Talks is an excellent type of content for gaining practical visions quickly. In our opinion, you should watch one every day.
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To all the other TED listings and recommendations on CEOtudent from here, you can reach.

9) Get deep on something.

Choose a new discipline for yourself. Get in-depth knowledge on this subject. Improve every day by putting on it.
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10) TV Series/Movie

It’s probably an activity you already do. But perhaps by drawing a framework, you can move forward for a benefit. For example, you can focus on productions in a particular field. Maybe you can watch it to improve your English.
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11) Documentary

Documentary contains information. It is related to reality. Of course, it is much more beneficial than watching TV series and movies in the long run. We do not say that you should watch documentaries every day, but it is useful to watch them periodically.
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12) Learn software.

We are all aware of how software and technology are changing the world. Learn software to become familiar with this culture, design the future, keep up with change, create products and even chart new career paths for yourself.
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13) Exercise at home.

During this time we spend at home, we lead a sedentary lifestyle. This sedentary lifestyle makes us feel even worse. Therefore, the movement gains more importance in this period. You don’t need to have a treadmill or bike at home for this. It is possible to feel better even with elementary exercises!
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14) Start a diet or change your diet.

The period you spend at home is a period when you can choose what you can eat more efficiently. Take this opportunity to start eating healthy!
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15) Meditation

We need to feel better. Meditation can make a critical difference at times like these. Start and continue doing whatever is meditating you.
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16) Update your CV.

Just because you’re already working somewhere doesn’t mean you shouldn’t update your CV. Also, if it’s been a while since the last update, you can look at your last CV and start redesigning it with your new vision.
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17) Update your LinkedIn profile.

Even if it is related to the previous article, there may be things you need to do for your LinkedIn profile. Review your connections, edit your skills, update your profile photo…
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18) Learn to play an instrument, music theory, musical notation.

Listening to music is indispensable for many of us. Be sure, there are wonderful feelings of learning music as well as listening. You don’t have to have an instrument in your home. You can learn musical notes and play online instruments from your computer or phone with simple music applications.

19) Build something.

You can’t imagine how effective it is to produce something on the health, performance and success of your mind. Get something out! You can knit, try new recipes…

20) Take an interest in the arts.

Engaging in art is the best way to feed your soul, make discoveries and create new perspectives. Do not immediately think of oil painting. Engaging in art is not just about performing art. Do research, read, learn about art history. Browse the online galleries.
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21) Overhaul your bookshelf or wardrobe.

It may be time to do the job you’ve been putting off. Sort out unused clothes and books and save them for donation. Don’t be put off by this overhaul, you’ll be surprised how good it feels.
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22) Bring your venture to life.

Entrepreneurship is a process that requires sacrifice in any situation. You can start designing your venture while you have the energy and plenty of time.
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23) Increase the performance of your technological devices.

Does your computer need a format? Having memory problems on your mobile phone? Then start the cleanup/improvement process without wasting any time. Your quality of life will increase.
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24) Create your to-do list or goals list. Update it if any.

Start creating lists that make up the next steps in your life. List the things you want to do before you die, the places you want to go, the flavors you want to taste. List what you want to achieve. We are sure that it will be much more enjoyable with a rested mind.
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25) Arrange or change your living spaces.

Rearrange the rooms where you spend the most time. You can start making the change you’ve been wanting to make for a long time. At least recover. It will allow you to spend more quality time and increase your productivity.
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26) Contribute to recycling with your own means.

This could be cutting and redesigning your clothes, or you can recycle the paper you throw away while tidying your room by bagging it separately. You can use stale bread as breadcrumbs by passing them through a blender. There is so much you can do.
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27) Learn philosophy.

Learning philosophy will change your perspective on thinking, questioning, and thinking people. It brings new perspectives to your life. If you have a little interest, you will learn much more quickly.
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28) Provide social benefits with your computer and internet.

You can use Ecosia as a search engine, not Google. You are planting a tree with every search result you make in this search engine.
Another alternative is Freerice. By answering the questions here, you are helping poor people with food.
Also, IBM’s www.worldcommunitygrid.org has a project. You can donate the processors of your idle computer online to social projects for as long as you want.

29) You can make online investments.

You can enrich your savings with investments that you can make online. We strongly recommend that you consult a specialist in this regard.

30) Improve your communication skills.

Educating yourself in diction, speaking, and body language is one of the most valuable activities you can do at home. You can do speaking exercises with online tutorials or learn from good sources.
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31) This is an excellent time to open your Instagram, Twitter accounts.

If you have an Instagram, Twitter, Facebook account that you have been planning to open for a long time within the framework of a specific concept, take action immediately. You can get good returns in this period when everyone is at home, and internet usage is increasing.
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32) Start typing.

If you want, open a blog. If you wish to, take a pen and paper. Scribble something every day to get into the habit of writing. Seeing your thoughts more clearly by writing will trigger many things in your inner world positively.
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33) Take a stroll through the dusty pages of history.

Your body may be at home, but you can take your mind on long trips. Begin to delve deeper into historical periods or events. As you research, you will feel lost, and you will be liberated with the power of knowledge! 🙂
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34) You can surf the Internet.

Surfing the Internet is a term from the early years of the Internet. Today we call it discovery. As algorithms learn about our interests, exploring the Internet is now a more personal and enjoyable experience.
You can create boards on Pinterest based on your interests and spend hours on content that interests you. Another popular discovery app is StumbleUpon! It offers you some suggestions among millions of websites in line with your interests.

35) Play games.

Gaming is not a waste of time, as long as it is not overdone. Especially games that trigger your quick and organizational thinking skills and strengthen your strategic approach can create great results in your business and professional life. But let’s underline this again: the type of game you play and the time you spend are significant!
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36) Make or update movie, series, book, music lists.

You can join the list-making spree that some of us describe as “extremely fun” and have a good time for long hours.

37) Play traditional games.

Games such as Chess, Backgammon, Puzzle, Puzzle are great ways to exercise the mind and have fun.
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38) Make time for your self-care.

We are in the days when personal hygiene is paramount. This period can be an excellent opportunity to devote a long time to yourself and your personal care.

39) Improve focusing performance.

Focusing problem is one of the biggest problems of our age. We are surrounded by distractions all the time. During your time at home, you can do research and exercises that will increase your focusing performance. You can find tactics that work for you.
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40) Do a social media detox.

Although it is not possible to stay away from the schedule in this process, a half-day or one full-day detox can make you feel better.
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41) Spring Cleaning

One of the protection methods from coronavirus is to keep living spaces clean. With the arrival of the spring months, spring cleaning becomes a bit inevitable. While you are at home, dedicating 1 full day to cleaning will allow you to spend the remaining time much better.

42) Design an imaginary trip.

Open a map in front of you and plan a trip to Europe. Maybe an Asian adventure? These days will surely pass, and when life returns to normal, wouldn’t it be great to have such a travel plan in hand?
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43) Increase your reading speed.

Due to the intensity of daily life, most of us cannot find enough time to read. It is not possible to increase this time, but it may make sense to improve your reading speed. The average person reads 200-250 words per minute. With regular practice and a little effort, the word count can also be increased exponentially.
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44) Improve yourself in the economy and manage your money.

If you do not have a financial plan, you will never be able to overcome your financial problems. Money will be one of the critical concepts throughout your life. Improve yourself on topics such as individual money management and economics. Make your plans.
14 Things Worth Learning About Money Until That Age So You Don’t Have Regrets In Your 30s

45) Discover your motivators.

Think about the meaning of motivation in your life. Discover the details, content, thoughts that motivate you. Finding your motivators will make your job much easier in the later stages of your life.
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46) Learn to deal with your anxieties and worries.

Anxieties that secretly harm our lives and destroy our inner world; are one of our biggest enemies in the intensity of modern life. Facing and learning how to overcome them is one of the best things we can do for ourselves in this period.
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47) Strive for a healthy sleep pattern.

You know how important the immune system is during this time when we are fighting the coronavirus. Therefore, our sleep pattern is also fundamental. But this is not something that can be fixed as soon as we say “let’s fix it”. We can improve our quality of life by going a little further and spending some time on it.
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48) Build a second career.

Famous writer Kabir Sehgal says: “You should not feel attached to only one profession. If something interests you, take action for it.” This period may be a good period to create a second career opportunity for ourselves.
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49) Plan your day and manage your time wisely.

Days spent aimlessly at home go by faster than you think. So see this time as an opportunity. In this framework, plan your day and manage your time.
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50) Imagine.

Life is such a hustle and bustle that it can often make you feel like your dreams aren’t worth pursuing. Sometimes it can even make you forget to dream. But those dreams you have had since your childhood form the basis of your joy and enthusiasm. Remember, everything around you and every beautiful story that happened started with a dream!
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