Animals in Danger of Extinction

nesli tükenmekte olan hayvanlar

Throughout the history of the world, millions of animal species have disappeared for various reasons. However, with the beginning of human dominance over nature, animal species became endangered much faster due to reasons such as changing climatic conditions, poaching, and habitat destruction.

In different parts of the world, animals that many of us have not even heard of are disappearing because of the damage we do to them. In order to raise awareness, we have compiled a list of animals under threat of extinction. Let’s get to know these animals, each of which has unique appearances and features.

Komodo Dragon

komodo ejderi

The Komodo Dragon, which has an average length of 3 meters and a weight of about 70 kilograms, also holds the title of the largest lizard in the world. Named after the Indonesian island of Komodo, the species lives on the Indonesian islands of Rintja and Flores, with the exception of Komodo Island. They live their lives mostly in grassland areas. They have become one of the animals that are in danger of extinction due to reasons such as humans damaging their natural environment by settling in places where they live, hunting both them and their prey.

Sumatran Tiger

sumatra kaplanı

The Sumatran Tiger, also known as the smallest tiger species, takes its name from the island of Sumatra in the west of Indonesia and lives only here. They are often seen in low-lying or high-wooded areas. This species, whose habitat has become quite narrow due to agricultural and farming activities on the island, however, unfortunately, it is also hunted by humans.

Caretta Caretta

caretta caretta

This species, also known as the sea turtle, is seen mainly on the Mediterranean coast of Turkey and Greece. Spawning grounds, especially on the southern coast of our country, are of great importance. The Caretta Cerattas live in close proximity to humans, as they bury their eggs in pits that they open on beaches. The extinction of these animals, which are estimated to have existed for millions of years, is under threat of extinction due to factors such as human activity in their habitats and light pollution.

Borneo Elephant

Borneo Fili

These elephants, which live on the Island of Borneo in Southeast Asia, are 50 cm shorter compared to Asian elephants. We know that the main habitat of Borneo elephants is the Island of Borneo. But there are reports that this species has also been found in Africa. The fact that humans have destroyed the grasslands on the island is considered the most important reason why the Borneo Elephant is in danger of extinction.

Golden Headed Langur

Altın Başlı Langur

The Golden-Headed Langur, named after its awe-inspiringly colorful pelt, is an animal that has long been considered sacred by the Himalayan people. Their acceptance as a different species dates back to the 1950s. Even though they have been under protection for years, they are among the endangered species.

Marine Iguana

deniz iguanası

The Marine Iguana, which lives only in the Galapagos Islands and is the only ocean lizard in the world and the most interesting species of modern lizards known. They are hunted by rats, wild dogs and cats because they are vulnerable to juveniles and hatchlings that have not yet reached adulthood, although they have few predators thanks to the spines on their backs. That is why they are in danger of becoming extinct.

Mountain Gorilla

dağ gorili

The number of Mountain Gorillas, mainly found in Uganda and living in forested areas in the higher reaches of the mountains, appeared to be over 1,000 in a report prepared in 2018. However, today their number is estimated at less than 900.


Vaşak nesli tükenmekte olan hayvanlar

One of the species whose numbers are decreasing due to poaching and degradation of natural life, lynxes are spread over a fairly large area, namely Europe, Asia and North America. Despite this, there are no prohibitions on their hunting in the countries where they live. In particular, it is noted that the number of lynxes found in Turkey is regularly decreasing.



Pandas, which are the symbol of endangered animals and are loved by almost everyone with their cute appearance and lethargic lifestyle, have been protected for many years, as is known. The number of this species living under surveillance in bamboo forests in the Yangtze Basin of China is about 1000. In addition, about 100 pandas that are still under protection are also located in zoos.

Javanese Rhino

Cava Gergedanı

The Javan Rhinoceros, which got its name from the Island of Java, located in Indonesia, lives in the Ujung Kulon National Park, located on the same island. Although Javanese Rhinos got their name from the island in Indonesia, they once had a habitat that stretched as far as the south of China. According to the widespread belief in the Chinese medical literature, rhino horn is believed to have healing powers. However, rhino horn has no scientifically known effects. The hunting of an already endangered species has increased with faith and has become endangered. Currently, it is believed that there are about 60 Javan Rhinos left.

Mekong Giant Catfish

Mekong Dev Yayın Balığı

The Mekong Giant Catfish lives in the Mekong River, one of the most important water sources in South-East Asia, and gets its name from this river. According to research, the largest catfish in the world, also known as the largest freshwater fish in the world, although it is not yet certain, is being hunted because it is a eaten fish. That is why the number of species is gradually decreasing.



Leopards have a wide range of habitats in Northeast and Sub-Saharan Africa, as well as Central Asia, China and India. Even if they are not the first species that comes to mind when we say endangered animals, they are also one of the endangered species due to the destruction of their natural habitats and hunting.

Black Footed Mountain Weasel

siyah ayaklı dağ gelinciği

This species, which is a mammal native to North America, lives only in America today. It is extinct in Canada. Although they are in danger of extinction due to the decrease in the pastures they live on and various diseases, they have reached a considerable number thanks to the breeding program implemented by scientists. But the danger remains.

Polar Bear

kutup ayısı

The species, which is the symbol of global warming, has been hunted by humans as if climate changes were not enough, and the numbers of polar bears have decreased considerably. Although some countries and various international environmental and animal organizations try to protect polar bears, this species is in danger of extinction in the near future.

Sumatran Orangutan

Sumatra Orangutanı

The species, which lives only on the Indonesian island of Sumatra and is unique here, can live up to its 50s in its natural environment. However, they are in danger of extinction due to the damage caused by humans to their habitats.

Cross River Gorilla

cross river gorili

The Cross River Gorilla, a very special species seen in Nigeria and Cameroon, draws attention with its human resemblance. But in the region where the Cross River Gorilla lives, its meat is very popular. For this reason, it is one of the animals that will become extinct in the very near future, as it is hunted by hunters from Nigeria and Cameroon.



Commonly living in East and Southwest Africa, cheetahs are known to be the fastest land animals. Although they can survive for many years in their natural habitat, the cheetahs are threatened with extinction when local settlers destroy their habitat.

Leatherback Sea Turtle

Deri Sırtlı Deniz Kaplumbağası

This species, which is found in all tropical and subtropical oceans and is also the largest living turtle, is endangered due to reasons such as interference with its habitat, eating eggs by other wild animals, pollution, and unconscious fishing.

Vaquita (Mexican Dolphin)


This rare dolphin species, which lives only in the Gulf of California, is among the rapidly endangered animals because it lives in a limited area and is easily caught in fishing nets.

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