What Is Incense: All About Nature’s Mysterious Subject

The question of what is incense has a different answer in almost every culture. The main reason for this is that incense has been used in various forms by people throughout history. Incense is a product known for its aromatic scent that is different from each other. The history of incense, which emits odor after the combustion reaction, dates back to ancient times. The origin of incense, which is mostly used for meditation and ambient ventilation, is religious ceremony.

As a result of today’s research, it has been revealed that incense is used by more than one culture simultaneously. In this sense, we can say that the first use of incense was preferred to banish evil spirits and bad energy. It is possible to say that incense is used for these purposes in many examples where we come across in the historical process. It is a product that is used for clinical purposes when appropriate, and for relaxation when appropriate. Incense, with its soaring journey between the Spice Road and the Silk Road, also has mysterious aspects. Let’s examine all the things you need to know about incense with its different types and functions.

How Did the Intercultural Journey of Incense Begin and Develop?


The question of what is incense brings with it a very interesting historical journey of incense. Today, there is much and conflicting information about the history of incense use. According to some sources, incense was used for the first time by Native Americans; According to some sources, it goes back to Ancient Egypt and Mesopotamia. In addition, incense has spread over a wide geography from the old Turkish life to the Hindu belief. The main reason for this is undoubtedly the various rituals of societies besides trade.

The emergence of incense, which spreads to many geographies, undoubtedly coincides with religious needs. At the center of this intersection is the community’s desire for purification and relaxation through an aromatherapy method. The origin of this desire can undoubtedly be traced back to the earliest periods of human history. It should also be noted that each culture uses incense with its own methods. For example, incense used for religious rituals and clinical purposes in Ancient Mesopotamia; It was preferred in East Asia for the protection of temples against evil spirits. Similarly, incense protecting the temple in Judaism is known to be burned in honor of the gods in Hinduism.

What is incense as an aromatherapy preservative and why is it used?


Incense has been used for different purposes throughout history. We have mentioned before that religious rituals are at the forefront of these purposes. Let’s add that incense, which is mostly used for religious purposes, has functions other than this purpose. Most incense users use incense to spatially remove bad energies. This space is mostly home, workspace or social environment. The basis of this use is to avoid bad energy and to remove it from the living area. Another popular reason for using incense is meditation.

The use of incense during meditation allows you to get rid of the suffocating effects of daily life faster. There is also a reason why incense is preferred for clinical purposes in many respects. The basis of clinical preference is the desire to get away from mental disorders such as stress and anxiety. Similarly, it can be preferred by alternative medicine in order for the body to reorganize itself. Among the reasons for the use of incense in daily life, there is also the effect of repelling harmful insects. In short, we can say that incense has a very large place in our lives.

What are the Methods of Using Incense?

tree incense

Incenses are basically divided into two. Naturally direct burning incense and indirectly burning incense. Indirectly burning incense gives fragrance to the outside thanks to the natural aromatic essences they have. While doing this, they do not need any combustion and they do not need to be burned. Direct burning incense types are among the most common incense types we encounter on a daily basis. You can easily find these incense in many souvenir shops you visit. So how are these incenses used? There are many different types of incense in nature. In addition, numerous types of incense are produced and sold for commercial purposes today.

For this reason, each type of incense has its own method of use. The most preferred type of incense today is undoubtedly stick incense. They are also likely to appear as cored stick or bamboo stick incense. The main difference between them is that they are obtained naturally and synthetically. Conical and spiral incense types are also available. Conical incenses are generally used in East Asia, while spiral incenses are used to repel harmful insects.

What should be considered when using incense?


While trying to answer the question of what is incense with all the details, it is not possible to pass the points that should be considered when using incense. While smoking is beneficial if done with the right method, it can turn into a very harmful activity if not done. For this reason, it is necessary to pay attention to a few things while smoking. The first of these is not to be exposed to incense smoke for a long and long time. In incenses that are burned indoors for a long time, the environment should be ventilated at certain intervals. However, today, many incense are produced outside of natural methods.

It is necessary to stay away from these types of incense where synthetic aroma intensifiers are used as much as possible. It is much more beneficial for health to turn to natural incense instead of these synthetic incenses. Some types of incense, even if they are natural, can cause allergic reactions if not used correctly. For this reason, the use of incense types suitable for allergic history and skin is of great importance. Another point to be considered when smoking indoors is the distance of the incense to the objects. Items that are likely to ignite during smoking should be kept away.

How Many Types of Incense Are They Divided And What Are Their Functions?

types of incense

There are many types of incense according to the duration and function of incense. In addition, each incense draws attention with its unique aromatic texture. It is possible to talk about different types of incense according to their usage areas and the effect they leave.

Our next theme in what is incense is the types of incense. Let’s get to know the types and properties of incense together.

1) Lavender Incense


Lavender incense is an incense created from the aromatic oils of the lavender flower. For this reason, it leaves the same effect in the areas where lavender oil is used and beneficial. The most important reason why lavender incense is preferred is the soothing effect it spreads into the air.

Lavender incense is very useful for those who have insomnia problems due to stress and anxiety problems. It is also effective for respiratory health if used in moderation. Lavender incense is also known to strengthen the body’s defense mechanism against various allergens.

2) Juniper Incense


Juniper Incense is among the most outstanding examples of our file title What is incense? The reason for this is that juniper is produced with completely natural methods. In addition, juniper incense brings with it many benefits. Among these benefits, the prevention and calming of physical and mental exhaustion are among the most notable. Thanks to the natural extract of juniper, you can completely calm your mind and thus relax.

Juniper incense also has an important historical background. In its historical background, the protection of public areas against epidemics draws attention. It should be noted that it was among the indispensable incense of the Middle Ages, especially during the plague epidemic. Juniper also has a special importance in Turkish mythology. Ancient Turks burned juniper incense to protect themselves from evil and snake-like animals that represent evil.

3) Sage Incense


Sage incense is among the most preferred incense types. The reason for this is that the sage plant is a miraculous healing store. We must have drank sage when we got sick at any point in our lives. This is due to the irresistible effect of sage on the respiratory tract. Sage incense is also preferred for these reasons.

It is a very useful type of incense for both mental calmness and respiratory tract. Sage incense also has an ambient neutralizing effect. Thanks to this feature, sage ensures that positive energy prevails over negative energy. It is one of the most preferred incense during religious rituals or meditation.

4) Cedar Incense

Cedar tree

Cedar incense is one of the first incense that comes to mind when asked what is incense. Among the reasons that create this situation is the fact that the cedar is an intercultural tree. Cedar is considered sacred by many cultural traditions. Thanks to this feature, cedar incense is also widely used. The reason why it is among the indispensables of religious ceremonies is not only that it is produced from a sacred tree.

Cedar incense also has a very intense forest aroma. Thanks to this aromatic structure it has, it represents relaxation, serenity and peace in religious rituals. In addition, it is an incense that is considered to be the power of nature against the deterrent effects of evil spirits.

5) Palo Santo Incense

palo santo

Palo Santo is a tree that grows in South America and belongs to the region. Palo Santo incense is derived from the tree of the same name. It is among the incense used since ancient times. The reason for this is Palo Santo’s antibacterial and antimicrobial structure. Palo Santo incense is very effective in respiratory tract health. In particular, the smoking method is preferred to avoid allergens that stimulate the respiratory tract.

In addition to these features, Palo Santo also has a calming effect. It provides physical and mental relaxation from the moment it is inhaled. It is among the essences that those who have problems such as chronic headaches prefer to smoke very often. Just like lavender incense, it helps in the meditation process by providing relaxation.

6) Vanilla Incense

vanilla incense

This is perhaps the sweetest incense in our What is incense file title. Vanilla incense attracts attention with its use in almost every season and at any time. Thanks to the effects such as happiness, peace, joy and relaxation it creates in the environment, it is among the most preferred incense today. Vanilla incense is one of the must-try incenses for those who want to relax.

If you think that the environment you are in is tense and restless, we recommend you to try vanilla incense. However, let’s also mention that there are a few things you need to pay attention to when smoking vanilla incense. The plain and light essence of vanilla will last for a long time without disturbing you. In this sense, remember that very long-term use will do more harm than good.

7) Peppermint Incense

peppermint incense

It would not be wrong to say that peppermint incense is the best friend of the respiratory tract. Mint is a herb that we consume both as tea and as a spice in our meals. The reason why mint is consumed a lot is because of its medicinal nature. Peppermint incense also owes its reputation to its plant. Peppermint incense is among the incense used mostly for medicinal purposes. It is mostly used in respiratory diseases.

It is used in annoying respiratory tract infections both in catching the inflammation and in the rest of the treatment process. It should be noted that frequent use will bring some problems, especially headaches. When using peppermint incense, remember that you must pay attention to its size and duration. If you pay attention to these, you will be deemed to have found the most effective and natural solution for your health.

8) Rose Incense


Rose incense has numerous benefits, just like its flower. Rose incense has been used by many communities throughout history. This is because it leads religious rituals. Rose incense, which comes out as a result of the fermentation of rose petals, that is, drying, provides relief. Apart from this feature, it also heralds the start of new journeys of individuals and communities. Its use for religious purposes is available in religions that include ceremonies such as baptism.

Of course, it is not surprising that the rose incense represents love like the flower. Rose incense can be smoked during a romantic dinner. It is also an incense used by various communities throughout history to remember love. Apart from these features of rose incense, its health benefits are too many to be underestimated. It is known to be highly effective against skin allergens.

9) Sandalwood Incense


Sandalwood Incense is an incense that is an answer to our question of what is incense. It is among the most effective incense types for attention and memory clutter. There is nothing like sandalwood incense to increase your motivation for a new job. It is one of the indispensable incense of aromatherapy, which is among the alternative medicine methods. Thanks to the intense aromatic essence it spreads, it provides relaxation and peace in a very short time.

So you can easily leave your focus problem behind. You can use sandalwood incense when your stress and anxiety levels rise above normal. In this sense, meditation, reiki, etc. It is also known for being heavily preferred in areas. Like lavender incense, sandalwood incense is one of the most powerful providers of mental calmness. You can witness that all the stress is discharged with fumigation in moments of squeezing and suffocation.

10) Hazelnut Incense


The sage incense is located in the last incense of our file title what is incense. But don’t be fooled by the fact that it’s at the end. Just like its herb, the herbal incense is a cure-all incense. It has many beneficial effects from headache to discharge of bad energy. It has a feature such as keeping evil spirits away from the body and place in its historical background. This feature still has a structure that is believed and practiced in many Anatolian villages today.

Things go wrong, problems in the social environment, domestic crises, economic problems, etc. It is recommended against many problems such as If you are one of those who attach great importance to sleep patterns, the incense of the hibiscus will be among your indispensables. Even short-term smoking is quite sufficient for a quality and regular sleep. Although it is in the last place of our list in this sense, it is high in terms of benefits.

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