10 Brutal Illustrations by John Holcroft that Tell the World Today

Esma Dalyan

Esma Dalyan

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There are many problems in today’s society. Addiction to social media, devaluation of workers, unhealthy lifestyles  just a few of them. Most of us do not even notice these problems, on the contrary, we ignore them. Artist John Holcroft takes these directly  In his satirical and honest art, he exemplifies the problems of today’s world.

Artist John has been painting since 1996. Works and lives in England. Past clients include The Guardian, Telegraph, Times, BBC and others. John Holcroft’s art looks simple, but hides a deep and complex meaning. Saying that he got his inspiration from observing life in general, John is very successful in explaining such serious issues with a simple example.

⦁One Day This  The World Will Be Yours!

⦁A Piece About Combating Climate Change.

⦁Social media has a negative impact on young people’s self-esteem and gives them a false sense of what a body should look like.  can give impressions.

⦁Taking advantage of the Causes of Climate Change.
⦁Making money.

⦁Today’s Love Hurts.

⦁ Online Scam
⦁It’s not going anywhere
⦁ Ladder of Success
⦁This Is About Screen Time And How Much It Can Affect Children’s Physical and Mental Health.
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