Sixth Sense: Is It Possible to Develop?

Sixth Sense; In Turkish, the eye of the heart is a supernatural form of intuition, also called the eye of the heart. This sixth sense, the name of which we hear frequently, is the state of feeling and knowing the events that will occur in the future. This phenomenon, which is a matter of curiosity, continues to create a question mark in minds. But can a sixth sense be developed, or is feeling the future anything more than unusual?

Undoubtedly a mystical experience, this situation is known as Extrasensory Perception in English. We can say that the events that we normally perceive with our 5 senses are felt spiritually, not physically. There is no doubt that the expression “born into me”, which we often hear in our daily life, describes the sixth sense.

Does the Sixth Sense Have a Scientific Dimension?

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This situation, which contrasts with the measurable and perceptible method of science, is one of the reasons why most scientists approach the subject with a skeptical approach. Sixth sense; physical abilities such as sight, hearing, touch, hearing and taste are not used. This subject, which has not been fully elucidated, is handled within the scope of metaphysics. This form of perception, which cannot be proven by experiments, is far from being tested. From a materialistic point of view, nothing more than the explanation of the sixth sense by chance is out of question for now. Although we do not know what time will show, it is certain that it will continue to be told as an interesting experience.

How Do Those With A Strong Sixth Sense Use It?

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People with this psychic ability say that they act on instinct rather than rational inference of events. While making any decision, they make choices by using their sixth sense. When they are going somewhere, we often hear whether they sense a bad event that will happen. Likewise, they state that they protect their relatives from various dangers in this way. It is said that this ability, which is said to be an advantage, avoids its owners from negative conditions. After all, which of us would not prefer to stay away from negative events? As for how to achieve this, can we acquire this ability?

We hear that people with a strong sixth sense are born with this intuitive phenomenon. Although it is said to be increased by meditation and various inner world practices, its mystery has not been solved. The skepticism of people brings with it curiosity. The fact that this ability, which is also said to be passed down from generation to generation, is a genetic inheritance is just one of the points of view on the subject. The practice, colloquially known as “giving a hand,” refers to the transfer of psychic abilities to another person. There are also those who say that the sixth sense cannot be transferred to someone else because it is a more personal intuitive experience.

Can the Sixth Sense Be Developed?


One of the most curious subjects of those who are interested in spiritual events is how to develop the sixth sense. Just as our awareness of the issues that arouse our curiosity increases, we must first focus on our intuitive side. Instructors of practices such as meditation and yoga say that we must first go within. So, does turning inward mean a kind of social isolation?

In fact, it would be more correct to call it a kind of inner journey. There are many techniques such as meditation, mindfulness, focusing the mind on a particular object. The mind, which is constantly stuck in the past or the future, creates a great obstacle for us to live in the moment. According to spiritual trainers, our mind is our worst enemy. They advise us to quiet our minds in order to achieve a calm mood. It is very difficult to rein in an organ that is constantly functional due to its structure. If we listen to these recommendations:

1) Meditation and similar practices give us an opportunity to get away from stress and return to ourselves. Listening to the silence in moments when we are alone with ourselves is a good step to start.

2) We can realize something by looking inside the events that happen to us in our daily life. For example, a person in our mind calls us at that very moment, or a song we are thinking of suddenly starts playing in the place we are in.

3) When we decide to go somewhere, there are times when we feel we shouldn’t go. In these experiences, what did we experience when we did not listen to our inner voice and left? Have we encountered any negative situations? If our intuition did not deceive us, our sixth sense may be guiding us.

4) Although the advice to live in the moment is cliché, we can start to listen to ourselves by getting rid of the sadness of the past and the fear of the future. Thus, we can have a chance to test our feelings and realize the power of our intuitive side.

5) Another technique preferred as a fun method is number estimation. 9 pieces are cut off from a page and the numbers are written on each piece and folded. It is mixed in the palm and one piece is selected to try to feel which number it is.

Is the Sixth Sense Human Only?


The subject, which was also covered in the 1999 film The Sixth Sense, starring Bruce Willis, was highly appreciated with its gripping scenario and attracted the attention of many people. This experience, which we see mostly in psychological thrillers, has taken its place in many books and research programs. It is said that it is observed not only in humans but also in animals, sometimes from our environment and sometimes from the stories told. It is believed that intuition is stronger, especially in predators.

Snakes are thought to sense objects in dark areas, and spiders are thought to communicate in a kind of telepathic way. It is a story that most of us have heard when horses felt the earthquake, became restless and tried to leave their environment. This feeling, which is quite strong in animals; It is thought to have an important contribution in hunting, escaping from danger, and searching for food.

Does Our Sixth Sense Tell the Truth?

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As a matter of fact, it is quite difficult for us to make a definite inference at a point that integrates with the mix of our feelings and minds. In situations where we feel anxiety or fear, we are highly prone to negative thinking. In such a situation, we attribute badly to everything that goes through our minds. The state of being hopeful about a situation that we highly desire can make us believe in a positive outcome.

When we think about the scenarios that we fear, we may feel that something bad will happen. The handicap of our wishes and thoughts that are sources of stress can also prevent our sixth sense from being active. So the fear that something bad will happen can often be nothing more than panic. So how do we know if our sixth sense is telling the truth?

According to spiritual people, the way to trust the sixth sense is to calm the mind. A mind preoccupied with regrets about the past naturally tends to be pessimistic because it cannot stay in the present. Similarly, a person who is preoccupied with the fear of the future does not even have time to listen to his inner voice. If we think that the hardest part of the job is to reach a calm mind, we need to have a neutral mood to distinguish.

Should We Act According to Our Sixth Sense?

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Considering the complex structure of the human mind and its effects on our mood, it seems impossible to say anything clear. Human beings, who have various defense mechanisms by nature, can be caught in misleading intuitions that they cannot consciously realize. As we mentioned, the result of fear, excessive desire, uneasiness and such feelings can be deceptive.

Of course, it is difficult to stay in a meditative mind so that we can feel our awareness. While we may trust our sixth sense, there is no doubt that we must make rational decisions. We can continue to listen to our intuition, both by listening to our inner voice and acting rationally. With the sense of security that comes from staying in balance, we can begin to explore our spiritual side.

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