Scientists Have Discovered A Simple Method That Will Make You Remember Almost Anything

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Many of us struggle with forgetfulness during the day and have trouble remembering. Scientific research has discovered an important truth about remembering and not forgetting. According to these studies, the best way to remember something is to draw it.
Scientists taking part in the research of the University of Waterloo in Canada think that the fact that drawing a picture affects memory so much is the fact that it contains many factors. Therefore, drawing enables more parts of the brain to be used actively.
If you’re one of those who say “I’m very bad at drawing”, you don’t have to worry. The same research says that you don’t need to draw well to benefit from the memory benefits of drawing.
Drawing is a very simple task and can be easily applied in daily life to improve memory.
The researchers worked with 48 different participants in this study, half of whom were in their 20s and half were in their 80s. Various words were shown to the participants. They were asked to write down both the words and their physical attributes and draw what they represented.
After a while, the participants were asked to remember as many words as they could remember. Young adults were better at remembering than advanced adults, but both groups remembered better the words they had drawn.
Therefore, acquiring a habit of drawing as well as taking notes can provide great convenience in our lives. You can use digital apps for this. However, we still recommend using paper and pencil. We have explained the reason for this recommendation here .

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