20 Ordinary Things That Look So Strange Under the Microscope

Things that we use in our daily life or that we are familiar with in our daily life may look quite interesting, unusual and even frightening under the microscope. Because when you look at these things through a microscope, things change a bit. You can feel yourself in a different world by observing all animate or inanimate objects from different angles. These photographs show objects and living things magnified 10 thousand times with the electron microscope. Let’s take a look at the many things that seem normal and look under the microscope.

1) Those Soft Sand Grains You Step On At The Beach

Like a work of art!

2) These Little Furry Things Are Butterfly Eggs Dropped On A Leaf

3) This Thing That Looks Like A Knotted Rope A Strand Of A Blonde Person’s Hair

4) This Thing That Looks Like Cotton Mold On Tomatoes

Even what we call mold carries the beauty of nature. 🙂

5) Although It Doesn’t Look Sharp, It’s A Razor

6) Sharks’ Skins Resemble Cutting Tools

7) This Is What The Smiles We Send While Texting Look Like

8) Thread Through Small Pinhole

9) Cat Language Made up of Millions of Small Tongues

So sweet what? 🙂

10) This Creepy-Looking Thing Is A Fly Larva

11) The Image Formed When the Leg of a Mosquito is Examined with a Microscope

12) These Creatures We Cannot Understand Zebrafish Larva

13) This Scary Creature Is A Small Ant’s Head

We’re barking, it’s a little scary. 🙂

14) Eyelashes That Look Like Molten Iron

15) This Thing That Looks Like A Thin Iron Bar Is Actually The Record Lines On The Record

16) The tip of the ballpoint pen that we use constantly in daily life

It looks like a lonely, quiet, desolate planet.

17) What Looks Like Little Balls Made Of Lace Is Just Chalk

18) This Thing That Looks Like A Spear Stuck In A Couch A Fruit Fly’s Eye

19) This Thing That Looks Like Electrical Wires Is A Muscle Fiber

20) The Strawberry That Everyone Knows So Closely

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