10 Useful Artificial Intelligence Applications That Will Make Your Job Easier In Every Subject

Many artificial intelligence-themed applications and transformations that we use in almost every aspect of our lives and that we use while doing many of our jobs, even if we are not aware of it, appear in different ways. I have compiled 10 different applications that can help you to be more organized, achieve better results or keep a good follow-up:

1) Write better emails with Boomerang For Gmail.

You can write more effective e-mails with this application, which provides some technical conveniences so that you can get an answer to an e-mail as soon as possible, and tries to help by looking at details such as the length and title of your e-mail.

2) Focus with Brain.fm.

This application, which can be used on both desktop and mobile, helps users focus on a specific job or sleep.


3) Create quality presentations with Beautiful.ai.

Offering more than 50 templates as well as comparison charts, Beautiful.ai simplifies the presentation preparation process.

4) Make effective time management with Timely.

Timely, which keeps track of the files and applications you are working on, measures how long a project will take to complete.

5) Share better photos with Lisa

You took a few pictures of your food. “I wonder which one gets more likes and more followers?” you think. Lisa helps you choose the best among the photos you choose. After reviewing the photo, it also creates tags for the selected photo.

6) Arrange your meetings with Clara.

Include virtual manager Clara in your e-mail correspondence when hosting a meeting. Clara allows users to set preferred meeting time, decide who to call and when to send confirmation.

7) Find a new job with Goat

Gloat provides tips that can increase job prospects by looking at a user’s resume or LinkedIn profile.

8) Read the news more seriously with CivikOwl.

The browser plug-in CivikOwl scans the news you choose to read, assessing the quality and political bias of the news, and presents different perspectives.


9) Eat ‘smarter’ with FitGenie.

FitGenie lets you set goals like lose weight or build muscle, recommends a variety of meals, and describes how to make meals.

10) Take care of your customs with Borderwait.net.

Using machine learning, the website Borderwait.net analyzes historical data from US Customs and Border Protection to estimate how long it will take for items to clear customs at more than 40 airports in the US.

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