What is Proactive? How to Be Proactive

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The word proactive is not often encountered in daily life. However, it is quite possible to come across in a certain sector and in some sources. For this reason, it is one of the most frequently searched words. Although it is not well known, it is a word that can be misused by those who know. This word of Latin origin is influenced by English and French. The prefix pro means “before” in Greek and Latin. The origin of the word active is related to movement.

What Does Proactive Mean?


The word proactive means to take the initiative to change the outcome of the circumstances, consciously or unconsciously, positively or negatively. It is a term that includes the intention to resolve the situation with individual initiative in the face of a good situation.

In the literal sense, proactive is defined as the initiative taken to correct the mistake that has occurred consciously or unconsciously. However, this is known to be incorrect. Because proactivity is not about taking responsibility for any faulty situation. It is to foresee the shortcomings of possible situations to be experienced and to improve the current situation accordingly.

That is, it is the application of potentials against a possible risk. To explain better; It’s about taking action before the event happens, not after it happens.

The word proactive, in the face of events; It means acting with the motivation of “what can I do” without allowing the situation to develop spontaneously, organically. Unlike reactive behavior, which is the opposite, the person who takes action with a proactive perspective takes action instead of lamenting negativity.

It is the opposite of being reactive. To explain the reagent; How to get rid of the negativities you face. It is to produce solutions after the events happen.

How to Be Proactive


Capturing this point of view can be acquired later. There are some actions that can be taken to improve your perception in this direction. It is possible to catch the proactivity angle with foresight. It is always necessary to focus on looking at the future with a long-term perspective. Predicting the course of the current situation will help to achieve possible results.

Goals and attitudes need to be thought through in detail. E.g; Calculating the reactions of others to a behavior will help. Along with thinking, taking action is also necessary to take a proactive perspective. It is essential to activate a well-strategized action. It is possible to progress on the path of being proactive by quickly learning from the situation changes and the mistakes that have happened before and adapting this lesson to the current situation.

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