7 Things You Should Stop Expecting From Others

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No one comes into this life to meet someone else’s expectations. In fact, the biggest disappointments often come from unfounded expectations. Expecting things from others and trying to meet their expectations will only make your life and theirs more difficult. Each of us is responsible for our own life, and the decisions we make affect our lives. Even if we regret the choices we have made, the decisions we have made, remember that “It was my choice, it was my regret.” While there is no saying, “I chose this because of you, I regret not meeting your expectations.” It will not be anyone’s choice.
Here are 7 things you need to stop expecting from others immediately!

1) Don’t expect others to agree with you!

You deserve to be happy. You deserve to live a life you are excited about. Others don’t have to agree with you in the choices you make, the decisions you make! Don’t expect them to think like you. Don’t feel unhappy if they don’t think so. Whatever makes you happy, do whatever is right for you. It is not healthy to expect everyone to think the same.

2) Do not expect others to respect you more than yourself!

The real power is within you, in your soul; not in your muscles. Trust yourself and respect yourself. Being nice to people is very important; But the most important thing is to be good to yourself. Because to the extent that you love, respect and feel valued, you become a good lover, spouse, friend.

3) Don’t expect others to like you!

There may be situations where you feel worthless, unloved. But remember that you are a very valuable person to others. Spend your time with people who value you. There will always be people in your life who criticize you, just smile at them and move on with your life. There will also be those who criticize you for being “different”. Being “different” makes you who you are, and that’s pretty awesome! Remember, the right people in your life will love you for that.

4) Don’t expect others to be the person you have in mind!

Loving and respecting others means accepting them as they are. We cannot love others according to the patterns we envision. Getting to know a person closely and very well is quite difficult and requires a long process. As we get to know them closely, their external appearance becomes meaningless and we begin to see the reality they hide inside. Accept and love people as they are, don’t try to fit them into stereotypes.

5) Don’t expect others to know what you think!

People can’t read your brain. If you don’t tell them how you feel or what you think, they won’t know. Your laughter may be hiding your tears; You can’t blame anyone for not understanding this. The person you like won’t be able to understand if you don’t tell them. Or your boss may not know that you want a raise in your salary until you tell him. Don’t expect people to read your mind and simply tell them what you want.

6) Don’t expect others to change all of a sudden!

If there’s something you don’t like about someone, play your cards face up and tell them straight. But don’t expect anyone to change all of a sudden! To be honest, people usually don’t change; so either accept them with these characteristics or continue your life without them.

7) Don’t expect others to be “good” all the time!

Everyone has similar dreams, experiences similar difficulties and has similar needs in life. No one can feel good all the time, and they don’t have to feel it. You can’t expect others to be “good” all the time, keep in mind that they have problems and these can make them unhappy and distressed.

Try to remove expectations from your life as much as possible. Do not expect anything from others and meet other people’s expectations should not be your priority in life. Focus on your own wishes and live your life accordingly. Remember that the life you live is yours and this life is too precious to be wasted for the sake of meeting the expectations of others!

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