25 Creative People Who Achieved Collections Wonders

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"Mükemmel fikirlere sahip olmak, onları satamadığınız sürece işe yaramaz."

Collecting is a hobby that has many benefits as long as it doesn’t turn into a crazy thing. For some, it’s a lifestyle. You can collect almost anything. Coins, stamps, books, records, keys and more…
You won’t be able to hold back the collector inside you as you see how wonderful things these creative people, who have made their passion for collecting a lifestyle, come up with. 🙂

1) “A year ago I saved state coins and started carving them out. Here is my collection.”

2) “My girlfriend is currently clearing out her Monopoly collection.”

3) “My mom collects sand from beaches around the world.”

4) “My husband’s father just moved into his new home. It took two trucks just to move his record collection.”

5) “Collection of paintings I have drawn with acrylic paint on coins…”

6) “I bought my first knife in 1971. This is how my collection was in the fall of 2016, before I gave it to my grandchildren and some of them were broken. Totally 396 knives.”

7) “41 four-leaf clovers and one five-leaf clover. I collected these when I was a kid and wrapped them with tape. I thought they were lost, but I found them!”

8) “My friend’s grandfather was a pharmacist in the 1950s. Here is a collection from that time.”

9) “My collection of flag badges that I bought from the countries I’ve been to.”

10) “I’m a work-from-home guy. My 13-month-old son takes his lightsabers off the wall every morning and watches them in awe when I turn the lights on. I’m a Star Wars freak.”

11) “Daddy’s garden. He’s secretly bringing in new trees and trinkets to avoid getting scolded by my mom for this collecting spree.”

12) “My passion is collecting ski jackets from charity stores.”

13) “A Gamer collecting 1262 Nintendo Wii games released in North America”

14) “The problem of moving those with shoe collections!”

15) “My mother’s collection of glassware made of uranium…”

16) “My grandfather has a collection of pens to rival the huge collections.”

17) “Console collection used as decoration…”

18) “Here’s my bottle opener collection.”

19) “Check out my dad’s friend’s HotWheels car collection!”

20) “My 70-year-old father-in-law started painting a few years ago. He likes to try different styles and put them together.”

21) “My Ohio plate collection for every year except 1908”

22) “My grandmother’s collection of keys from various times of the 20th century…”

23) “Here’s my Lego collection. I boxed them up when I moved in and they looked like this.”

24) “My dad, a tire mechanic, has been collecting stuff from car tires for years.”

25) “No matter which country I go to, I always buy a Harry Potter book written in that country’s language.”

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