The Secret Word That Will Add Magic To Your Life

Çağatay Gültekin

Çağatay Gültekin

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Even if it’s a magic word, we would say it would change our lives, wouldn’t we? We believe in the existence of magic words so much that when we say the word ” Abra Kadabra ” we want to experience a magic moment. There are a few things I need to tell you.
First of all, I don’t want to disappoint you, but unfortunately there is no magic word like ” Abra Kadabra “. If only we could get rid of all the problems by saying that word the moment life hits us. We don’t have such a chance, but we have a word. By saying that word, we can open various doors, embark on unfamiliar journeys and create a magic moment in our lives. That word: YES !
This article has no purpose like the cult in Jim Carrey’s movie Yes Man. It was written solely after Richard Branson, who founded the Virgin empire. The word that made his employees nickname Branson the Doctor Yes, and that creates magic, according to Branson, is the word we need to say more and more every day: yes .
By saying yes, I don’t mean doing more than you’re supposed to do, not taking on jobs that aren’t your job. I am not saying that you should do things that you will feel uncomfortable doing and that you will not be satisfied with the result. Nor am I saying that you should spend your time, effort, money, or attention on an activity that you are sure will not make your life better. Be more enthusiastic to enter into the things that you are indecisive about and are curious about the result. You should be open to innovations and differences.
I know you try to be involved in different activities as much as you can, but you can have different experiences by pushing yourself a little more. With these experiences, you will see yourself in many different places. You will know yourself. You will learn what you don’t know and you will have the chance to draw a new route with your experiences thanks to the ones you said ” Yes ” while directing your life.
I would like to end my article by crowning the power of the word yes with a little love story. The relationship between Yoko Ono and John Lennon, which is one of the biggest reasons for the disbandment of The Beatles, which has its name written in golden letters among the best music groups in the world, and which is a legendary love story, started thanks to this word. Of course, I’m not talking about Yoko’s ” Yes! ” answer when Lennon asked Yoko, ” Will you marry me? ” This incident, which happened on the day the two met, is a story that sparked Lennon’s interest in Yoko and seemed to be the starting point of their relationship. Yoko invites Lennon to an upcoming exhibition before the opening. In the exhibition to be held at the London Gallery, you have to climb a ladder and look at the ceiling with a telescope in one of Yoko’s works. Lennon comes up here, and when he looks up at the ceiling, he writes one word, which is the word that made Lennon maybe fall in love with Yoko: Yes .
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