What Do The Shapes You Draw While Doodling Say About Your Character?

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There are often times when we scribble on the paper in front of us while listening to a lecture, in a meeting or talking on the phone. The shapes that we describe as doodles are not just meaningless symbols, because everyone draws something according to their own personality and psychologists use these drawings to analyze the personality of the other person.
By looking at the small notes and notebooks you have scribbled in before, you can define yourself better and get more insight into your inner world. Although the meanings represented by the figures are not as precise as the mathematical formula, research has tried to explain some symbols.

Geometrical shapes

Mixed Patterns: While they represent individuals who are obsessed with certain subjects, these people also do not like to show their emotions.
Cube: These people, who are prone to realistic thinking, like to build their work on solid foundations and prefer to be the person who provides control in the situation they are in.
Square: For these people who approach life seriously, security in life is very important and they approach things with determination.
Circles: The circle characterizes protection, integrity and unity. While the scribbles in which the circles are concentrated express that everything is going well in life in general, these people also have a humorous understanding of life.
Triangle: It is a very difficult process to decide for those who prefer triangles while doodling. However, the decision he made is very important to him, they do not take a step back. This figure, which also represents an interest in learning and research, also represents a strong will.


Arrows: A straight arrow represents the goal, while wavy arrows represent our desires in life.
Parallel Lines: These people, who are calm and able to act immediately about their thoughts, are also aware of their wishes in life.
Zigzags: Circled zigzags represent a more emotional personality, while sharply drawn zigzags represent a more nervous nature that cannot stay calm.


Stickman: The person can keep his emotions under control and does not reflect much about himself to the outside world.
Portrait: While portraits drawn in different styles that can be called funny describe the desire to attract attention, faces drawn using more complex lines can be a symbol of insecurity.
Houses: Houses drawn with straight lines characterize the need for security, but if the house is drawn with crooked lines, it sets an example for the unhappiness and restless atmosphere in the household.
Flower: While a flower drawn on paper reveals that the person is social, a flower with a curved stem may indicate that the person is worried.
Yıldız: This symbol , which fills the papers of idealistic people, also refers to curiosity and the desire to learn about different subjects.
Heart: These people tend to be driven by their emotions. The voice of their feelings can be a guide for these people.
Bird: These people, who love adventure and chasing big dreams, have a very strong imagination.

Writing a Name

Sometimes we find ourselves writing names. If we write our own name in different ways, it may mean that we like attention and we like attention. Writing someone else’s name means that we think of that person, but just because we like that name, we may find ourselves writing another name.

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