What is Landscape? Why is Landscape Planning So Important?

When we look at the definition of landscape made by the Turkish Language Association, it appears as “countryside picture”, “natural appearance of a place”. On the other hand, in order to grasp the full meaning of the word, it is necessary to mention the etymological research of landscape. The word is of French origin and comes from the word “paysage”. The word “paysage” is derived from the word “pays” with the suffix “age”. “pays”, which means countryside and country, carries the meaning of “belonging to the countryside” with the suffix “age”.

Words such as “landscape” and “view” can also be used instead of this word, depending on the meaning of landscape. The word for landscape, on the other hand, is not only used in this sense, but corresponds to a much broader expression. Landscaping, which is defined as making some plans by taking into account natural and cultural features, is a line of work in itself. At this point, some professional perspectives are very important in this branch. The successful work that will emerge as a result of doing a quality job also explains why landscape planning is so important.

What Exactly Does Landscape Planning Mean?


Landscape planning is done in parks, houses, schools, gardens, accommodation areas and every conceivable area. This branch, which ensures that each of them is planned in accordance with the environmental conditions, includes a detailed research in economic, cultural, functional and aesthetic terms. Landscape architecture, which provides the necessary ideas to achieve the goals set at this point, aims to ensure the correct use of resources.

Landscape architecture, which helps to use existing natural resources much more effectively, is very important for productivity. This type of planning, which ensures that every detail in our environment is considered as a whole, is versatile. The plains, valleys, parks, gardens, buildings, people, animals, vehicles and many others around us are physical elements. The fact that each of them also analyzes the conditions of the environment in terms of laws, social life and customs shows that this planning is extremely important in achieving the desired goals. At this point, the importance of planning can be summarized as follows:

  • The potential for utilization of the resources used can be increased through this planning.
  • It is much easier to achieve what is desired as effective research will be carried out in line with the set objectives.
  • Existing natural resources become much more productive and efficient than they are.
  • As planning is made in accordance with social life, very effective results are achieved, especially in the long term.
  • The balanced state of the natural and cultural environment is maintained through landscape planning. In this way, the indispensable elements of humanity at the last point are revealed in a way that respects nature.
  • By building on ecological foundations, these plans preserve the balance in natural dynamics.

Landscape, which can basically be summarized as every detail seen from the point of location, becomes a combination of many disciplines when it becomes an application. A completely clear path planning cannot be done in this process, even if it is shaped around a certain base. The main reason for this is the idea that the planning area will have special requirements. At this point, every element to be included in the planning should be in direct relationship with the elements in the environment.

What are the Principles to be Considered About Landscape Architecture?

landscape architecture

Landscaping is extremely important to achieve an effective result in the planning phase. At this point, principles such as technique, statics, construction, suitability to the environment, proportion, balance, power of expression, proportionality are among the elements to be considered. Each principle is closely related to the quality of the outcome.

The choice of land depends on technical considerations at the time of planning. In addition, static and construction details supporting this technique should be included in the studies. It is important to adhere to principles in this process so that the parts that will support the architectural structures can remain strong in the long term. Compliance with each other in the parts that make up the order is also an aesthetically valuable substance. The principle of proportion, not to be confused with measurement, refers to the correct dimensions of many units as a whole.

Another element that is very important for landscape architects when planning the environment is balance. The element of balance, which can be stated as a kind of natural law, means the correct coexistence of many elements in a planned manner. At this point, it can be said that the general definition of landscape architecture is to ensure that a plan adorned with technical details maintains its effectiveness in a balanced way even after a long time.

What are the Differences Between Landscape Architecture and Engineering/Architecture?


After answering the question of what landscaping means, the details of this business branch come to light. There are many clear differences between landscape architecture and other design-related disciplines. After architects design and engineers implement based on principles, urban planners make environmental assessments based on a professional perspective. Landscape architects are in contact with all the mentioned professions. It ensures the total integration of each unit. The necessary basic knowledge from urban planning, civil engineering or architecture is used in landscape practice.

Landscape architecture ensures that the space is designed for all living creatures. Landscape architects, who design not only comfort but also aesthetics, establish a balanced relationship between nature and human beings. Thanks to all its principles, it is effective in improving the quality of life with a balanced result. Landscape architecture, which can even be defined as the coordination of all design-based professions, is a set of relationships detailed at every scale.

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