Memory, Attention, Concentration… 7 Types of Music That Benefit Your Brain According to the Feature You Want to Develop

Arzu Dokuzoğlu

Arzu Dokuzoğlu

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We often experience that listening to music helps us in many ways. While doing sports, traveling, trying to wake up in the morning… Music is a big part of our lives.
The interaction of music with our brain is actually the reason for our fondness for music. Studies have shown that music produces neurochemicals in our brains that help us experience many emotions.
Since our brain has a complex structure, we know a lot about the effects of music on our brain, although it is still not fully resolved. Here are the effects of music on our brain:

1) Music we love for long-term memory

Music creates very strong emotional connections in our brain. When we hear a song we listened to in our childhood, we can feel what we felt when we first listened to it.
The effects of music are more pronounced in dementia patients. According to studies, music keeps Alzheimer’s patients mentally alert and helps prevent delirium.
We can use these extraordinary effects of music while preparing for the exam. We can remember what we studied by listening to music while studying and listening to the same music before the exam.

2) Dubstep while doing sports

Have you ever felt more energetic while listening to music? If your answer is yes, there is a scientific explanation for this.
Listening to fast music during sports allows us to perform better. According to a study, athletes need less oxygen when they do sports while listening to music.
The need for oxygen decreases by 7%, although it is a low figure, it shows the effectiveness of music in our brains. Our brain is overwhelmed by stress during sports, especially if we are training intensely. The purpose of music is to take the focus away from the difficulty of training. The optimal tempo for sports is 145 BPM, which is the tempo of most Dubstep songs. Music faster than this does not produce more stimulation.

3) Positive music for creativity

Our love of music is not a groundbreaking discovery. But as neuroscience became popular, more research was done, and we now know why we love music.
One of the most remarkable effects of music on our brain is that it stimulates the release of dopamine, which raises our spirit.
A nice meal or a good salary can also increase dopamine release. We produce 9% more dopamine than the music we love. What does this have to do with creativity?
There is evidence that dopamine aids creativity. Although the exact mechanism is a matter of debate, scientists agree on the effects of music on our brains. We can increase our creativity by listening to music that we truly love.

4) Classical music for memory

According to research conducted at the University of Tennessee, classical music is very beneficial for our memory.
In a memory test conducted between subjects who listened to rap music and classical music, it was seen that those who listened to classical music had better results. So this finding could apply to any music that doesn’t have lyrics.

5) Metal music for anger situations

Many people agree with the view that metal music is angry people. Research has proven this to be true.
When we have anger issues, listening to metal music can make us a calmer person. We can listen to metal music when we are angry or depressed. Science assures us that we will calm down and get better.

6) Classical music for attention

It is an undeniable fact that we need concentration while working or studying. One of the effects of music on the brain is to provide concentration. A Stanford University study found that those who listen to classical music score higher on attention tests. Those who tried to complete the test in silence had significantly worse results.

If we just need to focus, Rachmaninoff or Bach will come to our aid. However, the effect of classical music on the brain may be due to the absence of words rather than some kind of original quality that other music genres do not have. Some studies show that any type of music without lyrics improves concentration.

7) Ambient for Creativity

When there is a lot of noise and activity around us, we cannot focus and work on what we are doing. Noisy people can be quite a distraction. But the opposite is also true. Working in complete silence can also be frustrating. Solution? Listening to ambient noise.

Studies show that moderate noise encourages creativity. The reason this works is that when we listen to ambient noise, we are at the optimal level of stimulation. If the music is too fast and loud, we become overstimulated, just as complete silence bores our brains.
Music is one of the most beautiful tools we have and always within our reach. While it’s not the ultimate solution for everything, it can help us in many situations. Considering that it increases our creativity by 10%, let’s not forget to listen to our favorite song when we need it.

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