Don’t Let It Consume You: 7 Essential Ways to Help You Beat Anxiety

Arzu Dokuzoğlu

Arzu Dokuzoğlu

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Imagine that you are in front of a forest with dark, deep and dense trees. You have to pass through this forest to reach your house. Even though the path may seem familiar to you, this walk will become a complete battle for you. Each step will gradually create a sense of panic.
What if a venomous snake comes along and bites you in the ankle? What if it rains and mud is everywhere and you slip and fall? What if you meet someone and don’t know what to say? But what if someone asks you for something? And most importantly, what if you get lost and never find your way home? What if life for you ends right here now?
Hundreds of such questions make you lost in the labyrinths of your brain. Over time it starts to suffocate you. Because you find yourself asking similar questions in every area of your life. These questions make your heart beat faster, create a knot in your throat, and you feel like you’re constantly suffocating. But of course, you’re not the only one experiencing this. Millions of people experience these anxieties and anxiety every day.
Anxiety is a part of most of our lives. Feeling of introversion in crowded environments, preferring to listen instead of talking, panic attacks… But despite everything, it is possible to distract yourself from anxiety. First, start by acknowledging his presence in your life. And then slowly move away from it. Anxiety is an emotion you can suppress if you really want it and can stay strong.
So what are the basic methods and what you need to know? Let’s see together.

1) No one knows how you feel.

It is difficult for the person in front of you to realize this, even if there are storms inside you and your palms are sweaty from stress. If you have been dealing with this feeling for a long time, you have already learned to hide your nervousness. Don’t worry, no one realizes how panicked you are at that moment!
Close your eyes and take a deep breath, let the pure oxygen fill your lungs. Focus only on the present moment, not the past or the future. This exercise calms your mind wherever you are and whatever you are doing.

2) Your bad feelings are not permanent.

You are at a crowded event where everyone has a good time. And your anxiety does not leave you alone there, and it has even taken over the back of your mind. That crowd has also begun to disturb you, and you have begun to fill with bad feelings. But don’t worry. Bad feelings will leave you when you get out of there or after a few days. They won’t stay with you forever. Make them feel they are temporary!

3) Small questions make you comfortable in your environment.

Weird silences, interrupted conversations… Most of us are familiar with this situation. Your anxiety will intensify in such a situation and it will put you under greater stress. You can ask small questions to restart the conversation. For example, “What do you think about the current events?”, “I like your shoes, where did you buy them?” Questions like these will do the trick. You don’t have to be interesting. Forget about attracting attention, take care of others!

4) What could be the worst?

In uncertain moments, your anxiety takes control and makes you panic. At moments like these, ask yourself, “What is the worst that could happen?” It is best to ask. You might get rejected, you might get a bad reaction, you might embarrass your boss, or you might fail the class, but that’s it! It will feel bad, but after a few days you will forget about it. Maybe you will remember it with a smile in the future. Everyone experiences these situations. Everyone has little and big troubles in their life. Accept that this is a very normal thing.

5) Look at it from this angle.

Yes, we agree that anxiety is not a good thing. However, this is not wrong. We didn’t choose to have anxiety! It’s nothing to be ashamed of. In fact, one of the reasons for anxiety is the desire to care about the opinions of others and to feel belonging somewhere. So on the one hand, we can be glad we’re not sociopaths!

6) Have a second plan.

You can leave your environment whenever you want, no matter what your anxiety says. If you feel uncomfortable, you can suggest to yourself that I will stay for an hour and leave. Thus, the possibility that you can go will make you a little more comfortable.
If anxiety overtakes you, you have less chance of controlling yourself. If you have a second plan, you can act without giving anxiety a say.

7) Improve your sleep quality.

When you go to bed after a long and tiring day, all you want is a peaceful sleep. But I know very well that it is not easy. Your mind starts to take over you, the list of things to do, the feeling that I have said something wrong today, the hours of self-questioning… Everything is quiet except your mind, but your mind alone is enough to prevent you from falling asleep. Even if you fall asleep, I’m sure it won’t be a restful sleep.
There are some ways to deal with it: medicinal supplements, calming herbal teas, reading a book or relaxing music. Discover which one works best for you and solve your problem.
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