5 Effective Tips for Those Who Say ‘I Do Not Remember the Book I Read’

Edanaz Aksoy

Edanaz Aksoy

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They say reading a book is a gateway to different worlds. Understanding these worlds, which are not limited to the number of pages and that cannot be selected according to the covers, may be more difficult to understand than we think. There is even more difficult to understand; what we read flies away from our minds. So, what can we do for this?

1) Words fly away, writings remain

From famous thinkers to politicians, most names make notes on the books and ensure their permanence. The term “underline” may not sound like a stranger to you. Novels are not textbooks that you want to underline; isn’t the Romeo’s love to Juliet beautiful enough to colour, is it?

2) From books to notebooks

It is a method that is suitable for those who do not want to write on their book and say that my book is clear. While reading a book, you can note the words you like on a notebook that you can always keep with you and shape the characters even as stickmen.

3) Pages matter

If a whole page, not a single word or a sentence, has affected you deeply, you can highlight the pages with a small post-it. Don’t be scared of having more than one page, understanding and living a book can’t even compete with some post-it.

4) Place is important

Another factor that makes our recall easier is where you are. Our mind determines elements to help remember and one of them is the perception of place.

The space may be a café where you can buy and read your book, it can be a quiet library or the window ledge of your room. With the place you are reading, books are identified by creating a different ambiance.

5) Let some notes accompany

Another factor that our soul is purified in its simplest form and will help us easily remember is “music”. It allows you to add a different meaning to the book. It broadens your perspective.

We say pleasures are indisputable, but we should not skip scientific research. Classical music may bring your sleep, on the other hand it may colour a boring book.

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