Quickly Learn The Little Things To Unlock Your Potential: Micro Mastery

Everyone has felt under intense stress at some point in their life. Regardless of whether these periods are short-term or long-term, we must accept that they are an inevitable fact of life.
I’ve found that one of the most productive ways to relax and boost our self-confidence in these stressful times is to focus on a concept called micromastery.
When it comes to mastery, don’t always think of working 10,000 hours on a subject. Micromastery, like normal specializations, focuses on your progress in a tangible subject. But it requires much less dedication. You are also completely free to choose the subject. It doesn’t need to have a direct impact on your life.

It could be learning origami, it could be painting wood, it could be making a perfect meal, or it could be learning a new dance.
Since micro masteries are reproducible and open to improvement, you can always get your money’s worth.

You don’t have to compromise on anything to feel good about yourself.

The idea of micromastery is first mentioned in author Robert Twigger’s book Micromastery: Learn Small, Learn Fast, and Unlock Your Potential to Achieve Anything . The author says he’s uncomfortable with the idea that it takes years to acquire a truly valuable skill for him, but wants to keep producing and learning, so he chose a micromastery: making the perfect omelet.

Choose a topic that will relax you and not be too difficult while learning, and master it quickly. Rest assured, you will feel much better. Not only because you have mastered it, but also to be in the process will relax you a lot.

How to use micro-mastery for a calm mind?

When you focus completely on a subject and engage in learning, you enter a state of flow, a state named by Czech psychologist Mihaly Csikszmentmihalyi (Yes, I double-checked while typing his last name). We can summarize this situation as focusing on a subject without caring about any other external factor and integrating with the subject completely in isolation.
You may have noticed how immersed children are when they play. They are totally focused on the game and sometimes you just can’t distract them. This is the simplest example of the flow situation.
When you are in a state of flow, your stress and anxiety are noticeably reduced as your body operates as if you were meditating.

How does a successful micromastery process increase self-confidence?

Twigger sums it up like this:

“Thanks to micro mastery, you master the learning processes that you can transfer to more than one area. You can easily adapt to the same process in many subjects, as basic features such as fast learning, performance skills and memory development are the building blocks of your micro mastery.”

Thanks to micro-mastery, you have the possibility to learn a new topic faster than most people, whose basic processes you are used to.

What benefits does it have for your brain health in the long run?

Of course, your genetics, dietary habits and living standards are determinants in the decline of your cognitive functions. However, the continuous active learning process can prevent the symptoms of diseases such as Alzheimer’s by keeping your cognitive functions trained.
In a 2013 study , 2,000 people over the age of 65 were given different brain exercises and their cognitive functions were monitored periodically for 10 years.
The results were that brain exercises could be a helpful element in maintaining cognitive health in the long run.
Isn’t it great to train your brain by folding paper or paying attention to every detail while trying to make the perfect omelet?

✍️ Editor’s Note and Final Thoughts

Micro-mastery, which gives a more minimal meaning to the concept of mastery, as the name suggests, will allow you to easily add a new color to your life. You do not need to work for hours by tiring your mind. Just immerse yourself in the beauty of the flow state as you learn and grow, and grow by enjoying it.
Do not forget that you can follow a peaceful learning process with a relaxed and calm mind.
Turn on some good music, start learning about your micro-mastery subject, develop in a pleasant way without feeling any pressure on you.
You will see many benefits.

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