Is It Possible To Do In A Few Days What People Do For Weeks In 8 Steps?

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We all realize that we have to work hard to achieve our goals. It has often been said that we have to sacrifice weeks, months and even years to achieve success in business and entrepreneurship. So what if we’re all doing it the wrong way? Is it possible to complete a huge to-do list in half the time it would normally take? It may sound impossible, but there’s nothing you can’t do with a little practice and self-control.

1) Apply the 80/20 rule.

Pareto Principle It’s a universal law that helps us decide where to focus in order to be more productive. We can explain the principle as follows; 80% of the results you get come from 20% of your effort. E.g; You earn 80% of the profit you make in the business world from 20% of your customers. This means that four-fifths of your daily tasks are less important and less productive tasks.
Focusing on the top 20% would be the most ideal time management method. After you finish these, move on to the remaining part. Before doing something, ask yourself what part of that task is and get it done.

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2) Break large tasks into smaller ones that are easier to manage.

The part of procrastinating often comes when we feel like we’re under too much pressure. We avoid starting a big project because it’s intimidating and we can’t even imagine how we’re going to tackle it. Do not engage in big business; break them up into smaller, manageable chunks and enjoy finishing something every time you sit down at the table.

If you’ve seen your to-do list complete faster, maximize your focus with the stopwatch. Set your clock to 20 minutes and don’t get distracted until the time is up. You won’t believe how many things you have completed!

3) Delegate your tasks so you can focus on your abilities.

Most of us are really good at a handful of things and average at everything else. One of the best ways to manage time is to focus on your strongest area. If you can, try to outsource things you’re not perfect at. This could be by hiring someone new or using technology.
It is quite easy to get outside help in jobs such as web development, content writing, graphic design. Feel free to involve others in your work.

4) Understand your natural rhythm.

At what time of day are you more energetic and more creative? Being able to control your energy is extremely important in order to be effective and productive. Try to understand your biological clock. Put important tasks into hours when you are enthusiastic and energetic.

You need to have routines for this tactic to work. So, you can build a model and explore your natural order. Once you realize you’re at the best time of the day, focus on detailed and difficult tasks. Also, don’t forget to take breaks during the day to keep your energy levels high.

5) Get rid of distractions.

Your ability to focus is one of the most important factors in your productivity. Studies show that it takes a typical office worker 25 minutes to get back to work when distracted. By removing distractions from yourself, you’re giving yourself back all that wasted time. If you started something, finish it. Set yourself goals that you need to complete each day and achieve them.

Without forgetting; You know that cell phones are one of the biggest distractions. Most of us check the phone more than 150 times a day. If you really need to focus on something, turn off your notifications and put your phone away.

6) Focus on one thing.

Let’s come to the discussion of recent years: multiple jobs at the same time or a single job? Multitasking, or multitasking, can help us get more done. On the other hand, we also know that the human brain is not suitable for focusing on more than one thing at a time. Most of us open up to what we need to do, go back and forth between messages and emails, and then think why we can’t get anything done. Maybe we should change the style?

Monotasking, focusing on one thing at a time, is perhaps not very possible in such a connected world. However, it helps a lot to dig deep into something. Set aside 2-4 hours a day for yourself and try to do one thing. It may take some getting used to, but eventually you will get used to it and start making progress in your work.

7) Own stray thoughts.

When you’re in the middle of a job, it can be very disturbing when stray thoughts pop into your head. Putting those thoughts aside while trying to remember something… Pretty hard. Trying to remember something while dealing with a task often fails. If you write it down on a piece of paper, this problem can be solved. When you leave the task to your memory, you will either waste energy and time remembering or you will forget it completely. A complete loss either way.
Make sure you have these random thoughts and ideas at hand, written on a computer or in a notebook.

8) Sleep, eat and breathe.

It’s almost impossible to be productive when you’re feeling tired or hungry. At this point, it is very important that you continue to take care of yourself. You are not a machine and you need rest, food and distraction to do well.
Even if you spare a few minutes a day for breathing exercises, you can relax your mind. A short walk would also be a good method. These activities will help you rejuvenate so you can focus better.

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