20 Simple Tips to Free Your Mind from Monotony and Strengthen Your Thinking Skills

Edanaz Aksoy

Edanaz Aksoy

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At certain times of the day, we feel that time has stopped for both our minds and our bodies. Or we think that we have an unproductive work after certain hours.
It is normal for these to happen because our minds are tired. So, are there a few things we can do to improve our mental skills and keep it effective for a long time?

1) Try to Change Some Small Behaviors You Repeat Routinely

If you are right-handed, try handling your daily needs with your left hand. Or when you come home today, come the other way, not the way you always came. Try not to eat lunch at a restaurant you have never been to, rather than at a restaurant where you always eat.

2) Try to Look at Photos or Pictures That Make You Happy Every Day

Everyone’s aesthetic perception is different. Feed on this difference, too. You can also look at a photo of a loved one or start the day with a landscape painting. It can even be effective to place them on one wall of your room.

3) Try to listen to the music you love with your eyes closed for a while

When your eyes are closed, the brain tries to focus on the rhythm. You will both change your focus and unwittingly activate several functions of your brain.

4) Spend Time Outdoors

The brain works more openly with the oxygen we breathe when we are outdoors. Plus, when you leave the house or office and increase the range of vision of your eyes, the boundaries of your brain will expand. When you add walking to this, a perfect brain exercise emerges.

5) Wave Your Arms While Walking

Even if it doesn’t take the place of sports, at least such small movements are effective for your mind.

6) Always Try Learning a Foreign Language

You can choose which language it is, and you can repeat a few words you have learned in a day. We use numbers everywhere in our daily life. Try to use the numbers in the foreign language you have learned, put them in sentences.
You can play such games to improve your Turkish vocabulary. You can try to make sentences with the new Turkish words you have learned.

7) Mental Gymnastics

Our brain muscles also get stronger as they work. For this, you can solve puzzles and play word games.

8) Read Every Day

Try to read something every day. A journal, book, academic article, or content that interests you. Save or write down the words and sentences you like where you read them.

9) Observe How You Handle a Topic

This can also be called thinking about thoughts. Feed on complexity.

10) Try to Sleep Regularly

Sleeping too little or too much has its pros and cons. However, the benefits of regular sleep for a healthy body and brain are indisputable.

11) May the Fresh Air Be With You

Our brain makes up 2% of our body and consumes 25% of the oxygen coming into the body. When there is no oxygen, the first and most heavily affected organ is the brain. Try not to be in stuffy environments, let fresh air enter your place frequently.

12) Coexist with Different Thinking Brains

Try to listen to people who have different opinions on a subject that you have no opinion on. You can meet people who can be a source of inspiration.

13) Don’t Be A Social Media Addict

We walk a very thin line that we are not aware of when using social media. Staying fixed in a constant medium and living among unseen faces will dull our thoughts.

14) Don’t Focus on Unwanted Things

They say what you fear will happen to you. That’s how the brain works too. If you focus on something negative, the option that will do the negative will be closest to you, no matter how many options cross your mind. Don’t condition yourself.

15) Try to Follow Up on Unusual Topics

Try to get rid of the “monotonicity is regularity” point of view. You may have a regular system, but do not ignore the topics that will add color to you.

16) Try Not to Store Too Much Information in a Short Time

The brain can process 5 to 7 pieces of information in a short time. When extra information comes in, it throws it out. This is called the ‘magic number rule’. So for any extra information, our brain will be disabled in a short time.

17) Make Sure You Consume Adequate Levels of Water

Drink water not only when you are thirsty, but also when you want to feel energetic. Water is a key that is necessary for the functioning of every organ in the body. Make sure you have the key.

18) Repeat Information Frequently

It has been observed that students who do daily repetition are more successful and maintain their success throughout their education life. Repeat often while studying or after learning new information.

19) Dress Differently

There will be colors you prefer or models that no one can dress you. Go beyond your limits and try to wear something different. This visual will trigger your brain and make the walls in your mind break down.

20) Set New Goals for Every New Beginning

You can start a diet every Monday to get in shape, and promise yourself to increase your work performance at the beginning of each month compared to the other month. Don’t let your promises go to the air, let them go to your brain. Try to keep your thoughts under mental guard so that your mind will remind you of your goal and not deviate from your path every time you try to give up.

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