6 Situations That Explain Being Lazy Is Sometimes A Positive Trait

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Who doesn’t throw their clothes from bed to chair at night and from chair to bed during the day? In such cases, we see ourselves as lazy and live with the negativity that comes with it. But is laziness really a bad thing? Or can it be considered a good feature as well?
To characterize someone as lazy is an extremely subjective thing. You might believe that modern technology is making us sluggish. Especially in this busy information environment… Instead of typing how we feel, we use emojis, press a single button to disseminate information, and instead of meeting someone face-to-face, we tell our troubles with a message within seconds. However, there are also positive aspects of laziness that will make us think that it can make positive contributions to our lives. And what did Bill Gates say?

“I always hire the laziest people because they do even the most complicated jobs in the shortest way.”

1) It gives you the chance to be yourself.

It is accepted that being constantly busy and disconnected from ourselves has a negative effect on our personal development. Laziness, on the other hand, gives us a chance to relax and be ourselves without thinking about the next item on our to-do list. Doing nothing is a great power. Also, being able to distance ourselves from the idea that we have to do something is very beneficial for our personal growth.

2) It makes you more carefree.

Accepting and owning laziness essentially means accepting who you are. The negative aspects of laziness overwhelm the moment you allow yourself to be judged or the thoughts of other people to influence your feelings. Knowing that you are lazy and being able to laugh about it is an important step in loving yourself.

3) It can make you more efficient.

Being lazy is actually a sign that we are always willing to do less. This pushes us to find more efficient ways to get things done. Notice that the most successful inventors say that their inventions came about when they thought to spend less time on a particular task.

I am the laziest man in the world. I invented all these things to save myself the trouble. – Benjamin Franklin

4) It brings creativity.

Our minds are open to more inspiring ideas and actions in moments of relaxation. Sandi Mann says that laziness and boredom are important gears of social wheels. According to Mann, when we are bored, we turn to ourselves and let our minds dream. And when our consciousness is free of limitations, we see many things differently.

5) You can put the big things aside and deal with the smaller ones.

When we are too busy with big and more important things, we constantly postpone or ignore the little ones. Laziness completely reverses this; ignores the big things and focuses on the little ones. Although priorities may seem skewed, getting things done is the most productive way to move forward and it becomes easier to get your big work done.

6) Leaving things to the last minute increases your ability to focus.

If you’re lazy, it’s a waterproof fact that you prioritize procrastination. Leaving things to the last minute will increase your time management and focus skills and increase your productivity. So you don’t spend more time than you need for big projects.

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