Quick Learning Tactics from Elon Musk, Who Achieved Success in 8 Sectors in 25 Years

There is a lot to learn from Elon Musk. Because he is no ordinary billionaire.

So how did Elon Musk come to these days?

When we look at Elon Musk’s life, we can see that his innate different intelligence explains his successes. However, the fact that he is a person who reads a lot is an undeniable fact.
One of the most important points in Elon Musk’s life started when he got his first computer. He spent 3 nights with the computer, which was a gift from a book describing the BASIC software language, and managed to become a computer programmer in 3 days according to 1984 standards. Learning this software language is a process that normally takes 6 months. Elon Musk worked without sleep for 3 days and even created a game called Blastar and sold it for $500.
Learning things fast can ignite some emotions in us. No matter how fast you are a learner, for example, you need to spend at least 6 years in medical school. However, some people may have the capacity to learn a 6-year education program in 3 years. But they still need to study for 3 more years.
In this context, self-education is very important. If you can use the capacity of your mind correctly, you can save time and spend this time with more useful and productive things. Just like Elon Musk solving a software language learned in 6 months in 3 days…
It is a matter of curiosity how Elon Musk learned and kept in mind all the things he read. We can say the following about this. He is a person who has learned to learn now. Well, how about getting advice on learning from someone who is not content with learning something but learns the learning mechanism?
If you want to learn as fast as Elon Musk, who came to the master’s level in Rocket Science and even made a career in this field, who also founded Paypal and Tesla Motors, and found a way to save a lot of information in his brain as soon as possible, here is Elon Musk’ Let’s look at the quick learning tactics of .

1) Knowledge is a tree.

A Reddit user who is a fan of Elon Musk asks how Musk learned so much in such a short space of time:

“I know that you read a lot of books, and you hire people with a lot of experience and you add their knowledge to yourself. You seem to have found a way to keep this much information in your memories. I am very curious. How are you so good at this?

Musk goes against the general logic in this question. Because Elon Musk says that most people have the capacity to learn much more than they realize, but the only way to realize it is to try it. He says that people should be more courageous and disciplined in this regard. He also gives a tactic:

“It is very important to see knowledge as a semantic tree. The details are the leaves, and the bases of the subject are the branches. Just before you start learning all the details of a subject, make sure you have learned the basic principles of the subject. Because if you don’t learn these principles, you won’t find a place to hang the details.”

2) It is very difficult to remember things that you cannot connect with each other.

This thinking makes sense in many ways. The best way to remember newly learned information is to associate it with something you already know. Think! For example, many of us sometimes remember people’s names by associating them with where they live or work. Musk also states that he agrees with this idea.
Khan Academy founder Sal Khan sums up this issue in his TED talk:

“A house built on a weak foundation will always be weak, and the same is true for learning.”

If you want to learn faster, listen to Musk’s suggestions and approach strategically. If you want to learn something fast, you can start with the basics, not the advanced ones. And try to relate what you’ve learned to the knowledge you already have.

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