Loving Yourself: It All Starts With You

Self-love is something that many of us neglect. But aren’t we the people we should love first? In order for an individual to take steps in life to be healthy, he must first know himself and listen to himself. After all, who knows you better than you?

When you enter certain environments, your confidence will make you shine. Self-confidence is based on knowing, trusting and loving yourself. “I don’t know how to love myself!” You may be saying something like this right now. Loving yourself can also be learned later. Let’s look at tips for loving yourself together:

Tips for Loving Yourself

1) Try to stay in the offline world.

love yourself

There are many social media platforms that each of us uses. On these platforms, we are exposed to quite fake profiles. “I should eat at that cafe because celebrities shared photos there.”, “If I take a photo here and share it, it will be appreciated.” Do you also make similar comments?

However, when you are alone or away from online platforms, we realize that the life you live is much different. Does the outfit you wear or the cream you apply in your close group of friends matter? If it’s a truly beautiful and healthy friendship, you know none of this matters. For example, think about the conversations you sit in in the evening and have non-stop conversations until the morning. After all these hours, there is neither make-up left on your face nor the good ironed look of your clothes.

You should get to know yourself and become aware of yourself by avoiding the falsehoods that the online world imposes on you. You are the real one. In order to love yourself, you need to get away from this falsehood and see the truth.

2) “No!” when necessary. you should be able to say.

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To love yourself, you have to stay away from doing things you don’t want to do. Even if you don’t want to accept everything that is imposed on you, it will damage your self-confidence and reduce your respect. “No!” when necessary. You shouldn’t be afraid to say. Imagine that you come across a request that you don’t want. For example, you go because you can’t say no to an invitation you don’t want. Every minute you make that invitation becomes a nightmare for you. In this case, you start to feel uncomfortable with yourself.

Why would you do this to yourself! You can start loving yourself by saying no. Acting in line with your own wishes will be one of the best steps you will take for your life.

3) Don’t be afraid to show your love.

Although loving yourself is a priority, loving the things around you will also improve the quality of your life. Also, isn’t it the best feeling to love? The more you love, the better your life will be. As it is said in that unforgettable scene in Hayat Sevince Güzel, one of Yeşilçam’s most beautiful films, “One should love everyone very much, love is the joy of life, the most beautiful thing in the world is human love in the heart”

Love is a feeling that multiplies as it is shared and spreads positivity around. Love the tree, love the dog, love the cat, love the person, love your job… There are so many things to love. You should try to love everything around you, starting with yourself first. For example, thanking the courier who comes to your door with a smile can make that person’s day better. “Have a nice day.” to a cashier at the grocery store. Your smile will put a smile on the face of the person in front of you.

4) Remembering to be thankful.

be grateful for

The events we experience can sometimes deeply hurt each of us. Those little negative moments inside grow bigger and destroy all beauty. But don’t you think it’s time to see the little positivity inside that from time to time? You should remind yourself to be grateful by knowing the value of the moments you live.

In order to love yourself, you have to be aware of the little sparkles inside you and start by loving them. “How well I speak.”, “My voice even relaxes me.”, “I can spread positive energy to those around me with my smile.” How would you like to refresh yourself by saying such statements to yourself?

5) Remind yourself that you are unique.

love yourself

Everyone in this world is one and only. Yes, so are you. There is no one like you in the world. Your way of thinking, your appearance, your smile is completely unique to you. You must constantly remind yourself that you are special by being aware of yourself. Why not love a special person?

6) Accept yourself.

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Realizing that you are unique is important to accepting your own self. But accepting yourself can be a little more challenging. Being aware of your flaws, instead of closing those flaws, you should remember that it is those flaws that make you who you are. Do you have acne scars on your face? It’s very normal isn’t it? Each of us entered puberty and struggled with acne for years. As a result of this process, which is a natural cycle, why do we poison our lives?

I have little hair and I’m happy with it. My size is not size 0, but I am healthy, isn’t it enough? “This is me.” The most important thing is to love yourself. Love yourself, who is your only one, without trying to be someone else.

7) Take care to stay in nature and natural flow.


Nature is the simplest and most real of everything. When you follow the natural flow, you actually see the realities of life. We live in a geography with four seasons. Think of the flowers that gradually fade in autumn, after nature begins to come alive with flowers blooming every spring. You can’t always be very lively and colorful. Sometimes you have to fade to be able to reopen.

The occasional fall is necessary for respawning. You should remind yourself that spring will come again when you fade. In this way, it will be easier to love yourself in the flow of life.

8) Do not stop trying innovations to increase your energy.

dans etmek

Having high energy makes your outlook on life positive. Remember that we are made up of vibrations. You can spare 15 minutes a day for yourself to stimulate those vibrations. Listening to songs that will increase your energy and engaging in conversations that will increase your energy will help you have a positive outlook. It also helps you love yourself.

9) Write down your favorite features in yourself.

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Did your teachers ever give you a writing penalty as a child? “Come and write that sentence 10 times!” Or have you written dozens of times to learn something? If you wish, consider it as a punishment or it is a method you can use to facilitate your learning. How would you like to write down at least 3 qualities you love about yourself in a notebook every day? In this way, you will get to know yourself better and better, and it will be easier to love yourself.

10) Try to get a hobby that interests you.

take up a hobby

Having a hobby can sometimes change the course of your life. Try to take up a hobby independent of your job. Think about the things that make you happy first. For example, do you like to paint? If your answer to this question is yes, try to set aside time for yourself every day to paint. Go for your interest. Nourish yourself. Not out of necessity. Do it really willingly. This is a very important tip for loving yourself. Work for yourself, not for anyone else.

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