The Magic In Me

To dream, to dream of the most impossible is mine

Dreaming all the time, forgetting everything

Close your eyes and walk in the clouds

Gathering and blowing on the stars, getting lost all the way

Dreaming of eternity, creating never-ending stories and getting lost

A utopian world, you flying freely in it, me and whoever there is about me

 Out of envy to the birds, everyone has wings

Fully white covering the sky

Free, alone and only flying under his wings

I don’t have tears in my eyes, what’s breaking my heart?

A pair of eyes that only hear happiness

He goes blind when he sees the darkness, he closes his window

Really, what does the darkness have to show?

Immortality knee high, everyone I love, forever

One hand is the past, the other is the future.

My memory mixed them both with raindrops

Where, where it flows, who it finds is unknown

I have the keys to all the closed doors now

If I want to end in the first, second, so many times

My fears that I walked away step by step, dulling my beautiful memories

They’re all waiting for me by the rooms in the hallway now, my desperate memories of crying

Now it’s your turn to dream, by flying, seeing, loving and non-stop, it’s the most impossible.

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