What is the Body Affirmation Movement? What is Body Positivity?

Kubra Akinci

Kubra Akinci

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Body positivity is a subject that we encounter frequently, especially with social media, but we do not have enough information about it, and even we get wrong information as a result of different interpretations of people. So what does this concept, which is actually English Body Positivity, mean?

What is Body Positivity? How was it start?

what is body positivity

The Body Affirmation Movement, which has been recognized in our country for 6-7 years, actually emerged in the USA towards the end of the 1960s. In the beginning, it started to protect the rights and social lives of overweight people and to eliminate prejudiced approaches towards them. It is an important issue that has been talked about for a long time in the world and tried to create awareness. There are many supporters of this movement in Turkey and other countries as well.

What is Body Affirmation?

what is body affirmation

To define it briefly, it is a movement that argues that people’s own bodies do not have to conform to a certain pattern of beauty, regardless of women, men or LGBT individuals, and opposes the perception of beauty imposed by the media and society. In this movement, he argues that you should love your body, be happy with skin spots, cellulite, freckles, fat, thin, short, tall or with disabilities, and that no one should judge you about your body. Your body is your decision. The advocates of the movement are mostly women, this is due to the society’s imposition of the so-called ‘ideal’ understanding of beauty on women and the perception that only women who meet these standards can be beautiful.

What is the Body Affirmation Movement?

what is body affirmation

Contrary to popular belief, this movement is not only a feminist formation for women, but also includes men and LGBT individuals. Disabled, stained, hairy, furry, injured, every body falls within the scope of this movement. In short, it is enough to have a body to support this movement.
This move has been misunderstood, given the comments made by people on many social media platforms. There is a perception in society, especially in the form of encouraging obesity. In fact, contrary to popular belief, the Body Affirmation Movement is that people love their own bodies, and that every body except the stereotypical understanding of beauty is beautiful. If the person is not satisfied with what he sees when he looks in the mirror, he may want to change it, the important thing is that this decision is made by the person himself, not by the society.

Final Body Affirmation Quotes

Every individual living in society has been exposed to criticism about his body. You’re fat, you’re like garbage, you have a crooked nose. Maybe we even made this criticism to people. All these affect the well-being of people to be healthy individuals. It begins to negatively affect their psychological and physiological health. Now let’s think about ourselves. Have we been exposed to such a situation, have we been exposed to such a situation?

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