What is Aura? What Does a High Aura Mean?

Aura is a word we are familiar with in many areas of life. So what does this word mean? If we need to define it briefly, it is the electromagnetic field surrounding the body. In other words, it is the human energy field. Let’s take a closer look at it now.

There are chakras that help you maintain your life. What kind of life you want to live is up to you. But no matter what, I think living a good life is what we all have in common. How about activating your chakras to lead a good and happy life? You can get the energy around you into your body through the chakras. These energies help you to sustain your life.

What is aura?


Aura is not only used for humans. All beings have an aura. Aura can also be defined as the outward area of the human body about 20-25 centimeters. This electromagnetic part, which has a unique color, acts as a kind of shield for the body. Strong and weak aura can be triggered by certain situations.

The aura, which is divided into two as spiritual and etheric, absorbs white light. Spiritual aura cannot be seen by people, but etheric aura can be seen by some people. Do you sometimes see different color reflections when looking at the person in front of you? If you do, it means you are seeing the etheric aura of the person in front of you.

Spiritual aura, on the other hand, consists of the psychological and emotional states in which the individual lives. If the individual does not want to project it out, the people around him may not be aware of these situations.

What do the statements about aura mean?

1) His aura is too high.


If there are people around you who are interested in aura, it is very likely that you have heard this sentence. People who are considered suitable for the discourse of “very high aura” are generally those who have not been defeated in the face of negative situations. In fact, they sometimes describe negative situations as positive and act accordingly. They usually get sick very hard.

People with a high aura radiate very good energy around them and their life energies are quite high. It is as if they have a shield against the bad energies coming from outside. In short, the discourse of having a high aura is used to positively define the other person.

2) He has a different aura.

positive energy


You must have heard this phrase many times. This phrase is generally preferred for the positive energy you get from someone you just met.

Is it possible to see the aura?


Individuals may not always be able to see their own aura. However, the energy they emit around them can be seen by other people. There are several methods that can be preferred to see your own aura. It is the ideal area to see a dim environment. Things to do in a dim environment are as follows: First of all, one should try to relax and the mind should be emptied. After getting into a comfortable sitting position, the hands are rubbed together for 30 seconds with the palms touching each other.

After 30 seconds, the hands are spread apart with the palms facing each other. A short distance is placed between the two palms. While in this position, the hands are moved back and forth rapidly. When you look at the palms after the movement, you will see a slightly smoky image. This smoky image is your aura. If you do this process a few times, you are likely to encounter a colorful image.

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