Tips on Sphinx Cat Care and Traits

The Sphinx cat is a cat breed known for being hairless. Some species have short hairs that are not seen but felt when touched. Some species are completely furless.
The homeland of the Sphinx cat is Canada. Born as a hairless pup in Toronto, Ontario in 1966, Prune led the continuation of this breed by selection.

Physical Characteristics of the Sphinx Cat

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The Sphinx cat is a medium to large cat breed, considering its weight and size. Its ears, which resemble bat wings, are large compared to the size of its head. Their eyes are spaced apart, large and round. Due to its variability, there is no specific eye color. The tails of the Sphinx cat are slender.

Although the Sphinx cat originates from Canada, they are vulnerable to the cold due to their lack of fur.

Being hairless makes it known for its wrinkles. There are prominent wrinkles around his shoulders, between his ears and on his face.
Although the average lifespan is 9-10 years, with good care, this lifespan can be up to 14-15 years . The weight of an adult Sphinx cat can vary between 3.5 and 7 kilograms.

Character and Temperament of the Sphinx Cat

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Under their tough and serious appearance, they are very playful and affectionate cats. It is preferred by families because it can get along with other pets and children.
It feeds love and tolerance to the living things in its environment. Interest is inevitable.

The Sphinx cat is quite energetic. For this reason, he can jump to high places for fun and run inside the house.
They do not have habits such as scratching or growling.
Having a playful nature will lead him to see everything in the house as a toy. Therefore, one should be clear about the toy. From childhood, toys should be identified and playtimes should be played with these toys. It is an important issue to keep things such as furniture and books in one piece when he is alone at home and when he is bored.

Sphinx Cat Care

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Oil is formed in many living things, as in human hair. In furry cats, this oil is absorbed by their fur. But because the Sphinx cat is hairless, this fat accumulates in its body. To balance the oil, it needs to be washed once a week. If not washed, the resulting oil can contaminate furniture and clothing. When he is accustomed to the bathroom from a young age, it will be easy to wash.

Being hairless is the disadvantage of this breed. Because the skin is quite open to external factors. It should not be exposed to sunlight for a long time. This will cause skin rashes and burns.

His skin is quite prone to dryness. This can be prevented with lotions and oils recommended by the veterinarian.
Their large ears can cause a build-up of dirt. These dirt should be cleaned with water and cotton. Ear cotton should never be used.
This breed has no known chronic or genetic disease.

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