New Habits We Have Acquired With Online Exams and Technologies We Have Met

Philippe Dumas

Philippe Dumas

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With the developing technology, online exam systems are becoming more and more prominent day by day. Online exam processes, which are among the innovative and modern education systems, can be accessed from any channel with internet access. The advantages, access and speed offered by the system; people adapt to this system more quickly. Online exam systems, which have an important place in saving time, support students in many ways.

Modern Advantages Reflected in Working Order

The evolution of education and training processes towards online platforms brings with it many new habits. The study habits of the students change and the existence of a more efficient order emerges over time. We can list the advantages that come with the new order as follows;
● Students increase their productivity by determining their own break times.
● Since there are no time and place restrictions, they are better prepared for the exam processes.
● While completing their exams in any area where internet access is available, they can find the opportunity to access at any time of the day.
● The use of pens, notebooks and various stationery materials is decreasing.
● At the end of the exams, they do not wait for a long time for the measurement and evaluation processes.
● After the explanations, they can access the exam results whenever they want.

Instant Access From Anywhere

Thanks to the online exam systems, students can easily access the system with their username and password. The region and location they access does not matter. They can participate in online exams from any location, at the time intervals planned by the institutions. Time saving, which is one of the biggest advantages of the online exam system, benefits students at every stage of the process. Students who complete their exams can get their results more easily and quickly. When traditional methods are replaced by modernization, full justice is achieved in the measurement and evaluation processes. In this area, where technology is effectively activated, detailed data analyzes can also be made by the instructors in order to increase the efficiency obtained from the exam.
Similarly, these software, which also provides the functions needed in the process of evaluating exam results, draw attention with their comprehensive structure. These programs, which are offered for a fair and detailed evaluation, prevent problems that may be encountered in remote evaluation, thanks to their artificial intelligence-supported technologies.
The developed software allows institutions to control the system securely, while helping students complete their exam processes with peace of mind. So much so that institutions are now turning to artificial intelligence supported products. These products aim to ensure justice throughout all stages, by observing the rights of both institutions and students. Artificial intelligence-supported software, which prevents reputation losses in terms of accreditation, offers double-sided advantages in many aspects.

Domestic Software Competing with International Competitors: Witwiser

Among the software that is closely followed in the distance education sector is a domestic product called Witwiser . Many universities and institutions in Turkey are in talks to use this application. The possibilities offered by the software and its prominence as a native have attracted the attention of many people. The software, which has made a serious data analysis at the point of measurement and evaluation, also stands out with its easy use by students. Online exams prepared with Witwiser can be easily integrated into the system. This software, which can be easily used by students, is ready for use in minutes via the Google plugin. In the software, which has screen, camera and audio access, which is active only during the exam, the exam process of the students is evaluated in detail. Here, it becomes easier for educational institutions to establish a fair structure. By identifying the cheating behaviors of students, situations that lead to inequality are prevented.
Artificial intelligence supported domestic software Witwiser is in competition with many products in the international arena. Thanks to the software, ease of use and effective control system, universities,
It has entered the radar of many institutions, including Continuing Education and Certification Centers.

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