Turn Chaos into Order in Your Life with 3 Simple Rules

Arzu Dokuzoğlu

Arzu Dokuzoğlu

İTÜ-Kimya Müh.

In a perfect world, everything is stable. You can make plans for 100% of your time. You can predict everything.
But we know that real life is not like that.
A single random (or unexpected) event can suddenly ruin all your plans, goals, and good intentions in real life. Imagine:
– A deceased family member
-A traffic accident
-Fall in love
Here are the little disasters that happened
There is nothing we can do to prevent unexpected events. Also, when we talk about chaos, we should not only think of negative events. Sometimes, good things can also distract us. Life is truly unpredictable.
And despite this unpredictability, we have to go on with our lives. We must wake up, treat the people in our lives with respect, do our job, and maintain our inner calm. We have two options:
1. We accept that life is chaos and find a way to adapt ourselves to this life.
2. We refuse to fit in and choose to live miserably because “life is hard”.
So how do you be productive when your life is full of uncertainty? Here are 3 tips that can help you with these challenges:

1) Focus on your tasks.

When an important event affects your life, you begin to look at life from a narrow perspective. Let’s say you fell in love.
All of a sudden you can’t think of anything but that person. You cannot focus on your work. You forget your friends. You don’t even go to the gym. You just want to spend time with that person.
While falling in love is wonderful, there is more to life than that.
Of course, it is important to enjoy life . But we cannot allow ourselves to forget the path we have taken in life. We cannot neglect our work, family, friends, and health under any circumstances.
Keep reminding yourself why you are striving to stay focused and not give up on your ideals. No matter how hectic your life is, you can always find 10 minutes to sit and think.

Also, don’t forget to look at your goals every day. It will remind you where you want to go. And when you know where you want to go, you will continue. It’s that simple!

2) Work in short intervals.

Always be prepared to work. Don’t play with your phone every time you have time for yourself. Instead, make an effort and work. Even if it’s only 8 minutes.
It doesn’t matter what time it is, where you are, or how hard you can work – work as long as you can.
But working in short intervals is not that easy. After all, you can’t really focus. Working at short intervals only works if you know what to do. For this, you can always keep a list of things you need to do. So when working at short intervals, you won’t waste your time thinking, “What should I do next?”
Remember, your goal is not to work like this forever. Once the storm has calmed, you will return to your regular routines.

3) Find your own fuel.

Life can be tough. You need proper fuel to deal with the physical and mental stress you endure.
Pay attention to your diet in times of chaos. Distinguish between diets (when you eat, how often, etc.) and diets (the type of food you consume, such as protein, fat, carbohydrates). Try things that don’t harm your body. Note how you feel after eating which food. Don’t include things that make you feel bad in your diet.

Creating order in chaos

We all hate uncertainty. And while growing up, always “find a safe job!”, we hear recommendations. But they don’t say that a safe job will eventually make you lazy and weak. Why? Because you are safe.
Uncertainty compels action. Uncertainty forces us to find solutions to every challenge we face. And once you live your life like this, you cannot live properly without difficulty. When you reach this stage, you can be sure that you are truly safe.

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