Alpha Generation in 9 Items: They Will Come After Generation Z

Philippe Dumas

Philippe Dumas

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The Alpha generation, which is the next generation after the Z generation, is the first generation that will live entirely within the 21st century. Alpha Generation, used to identify those born in 2010 and later, is the 22nd Generation. in the next century, there will be a generation that we will see a record number of. Another name given to the Alpha Generation, constantly online and connected, is “Digital Natives“.
Since 2010, approximately 2.8 million new Generation Alphas have been born each week. The Alpha Generation is defined as the most financially equipped generation that has ever lived on earth. In addition, this generation, which is the most technologically knowledgeable generation, will have a longer life expectancy than the generations before it.
After the X generation, which is defined as a generation that obeys the rules, has a high sense of belonging, respects authority, is loyal, and attaches importance to being hardworking. Generation Y, which has difficulty feeling free and included, stands out with its versatile, easy-to-understand, and transparent approach. Then, Generation Z is coming, which has begun to influence the world, living together with the internet and mobile technologies, and preferring to socialize through the internet. Although all generations will have similar characteristics after these generations, we can say that the Alpha Generation, which will be completely different in many aspects, will transform social life and the economy.

Characteristics of the Alpha Generation

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Digital Transformation Consultant Murat Erdör lists some of the characteristics of the Alpha Generation, the next generation of the Z generation, as follows.
1) This generation, born into technology, will see the world as a place without physical boundaries.
2) They will have the power to access almost all kinds of content and information more than other generations.
3) They will be able to personalize all the technologies they own and integrate them into their lives, and they will put technology at the center compared to all other generations.
4) Phone and virtual reality will be a part of their lives, even as common elements in their lives.
5) Generation Alpha will be the most enterprising generation, as they will have access to information and resources earlier in life.
6) They will shop online and contact fewer people than in previous generations will be their priority.
7) They will receive a different education than today through online learning. At the same time, they will be able to design their own learning paths and methods.
8) Playing, studying, chatting, and spending time with robot friends or assistants will be a part of their lives.
9) They will talk more petite than other generations, have minimal conversations with other individuals around them, and avoid physical meetings unless necessary.

Which generation will come after the alpha generation?

Even though the scientific world has opposing views, every 15 years is generally defined as a new generation. According to this calculation, there are six generations in the world. The next generation after the alpha generation is the Beta generation, including those born in 2025 and beyond. The Beta belt will be followed by the Gamma and Delta belts.

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