What is Sri Yantra? What Are the Types of Yantras and their Meanings?

Sri Yantra

Sri Yantra is actually a visible form of mind tools known as mantras. Mantra is done purely mind-focused while yantras provide energy focus based on various symbols and different beliefs. What is the Sri Yantra that has been in vogue and has been asked a lot lately? What are the meanings of Sri Yantra and other Yantra symbols next to it? Let’s take a look at which areas the Yantras focus on.

What is Sri Yantra?

Sri Yantra

Sri Yantra, which you can focus on to realize your energies and desires, qualifies as a kind of diagram. It is believed that this cosmic force, which dates back to ancient times, has a developing power in both material and spiritual areas in our lives.

Originating from Indian religion and traditions, Sri Yantra is known as the power that helps meditation and worship. Yantra is divided into geometric patterns within itself. Meaning ‘a bindu’, it consists of nine triangles surrounding the central area. This union is used to represent the whole of the cosmos.

Why Is Sri Yantra So Important?

Sri yantra

Sri Yantra is one of the most powerful yantras. It is such that individuals who use it show that you can easily focus on the problems in your life. It also helps shape your perception of reality according to your life.

Besides Sri Yantra, there are many types of yantras and different features. However, those who want to use the yantras you choose for use as jewelry should pay attention to the points in the birth chart. Let’s take a look at other yantras…

Vashikaran Yantra



The Vashikaran Yantra, which will bring the meaning of power and love more into your life, is a yantra that has an energy bond about love, marriage and love. It is believed to have some kind of protection from people outside the relationship, that is, from outside interference.

If Venus/Moon, which represents love and is present in birth charts, does not look positive, this yantra is especially preferred for use.

Dattatriya Yantra



Dattatriya Yantra, which is used as a kind of evil eye bead in different traditions, can be the protector of the negativities that may come your way.

Things may not always go well in life. There is no such natural possibility. Although individuals cannot completely avoid negative situations and events in life with the use of this yantra type, they focus on thinking about good points.

We know that whichever emotion and thought we allow to dominate us, our life will be shaped accordingly. By using Dattatriya Yantra, you can develop your energy points for positive career, good future and overcoming negativity.

Mercury Yantra

sri yantra


The Mercury Yantra is a yantra where you can clarify yourself, usually in communication matters. As the name suggests, the planet Mercury represents subjects such as communication and technology in people’s lives. Thus, these issues become more prominent for human relations.

It is a yantra that people who have difficulties in communicating and who have any health problems related to communication usually keep them with them.

Sundari Yantra



Another type of yantra used to radiate positive energies is the Sundari Yantra. It can also be called the energy field, which is used to return to one’s own self, to heal oneself and to turn past traumas into positive.

Although these varieties may seem like a different method by individuals, the main purpose is that we can provide your own energy focus with these objects.

Kali Yantra


Financial matters are often at the forefront for Kali Yantra. Energy focus is found in this yantra to increase power and especially monetary power. It is said to form a kind of shield against negative energies, as in all yantras. He also has a saying that he puts people who prioritize the positive in his life in our path.


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