A New Study: How Many Cups of Coffee Should We Drink a Day for a Healthy Heart, According to Science?

How many cups of coffee do you drink per day? 1-2, 3-4 or 5-6? I continue my life by drinking at least 4 cups of coffee a day. I drink too much for some people. Some of them say, “Oh, you drink less.” I’m getting your reaction. Could it really be the average amount of coffee consumed per day?
A 2018 study by PLOS Biology says that we can talk about the right amount of coffee consumption to maintain a healthy heart. “We disproved what the doctors said to your grandmother: You can drink coffee if you have a heart condition,” University of Dusseldorf biologists Joachim Altschmied and Judith Haendeler told Inverse in an interview.
University of Dusseldorf biologists Altschmied and Haendeler said there is extensive research showing the health effects of caffeine in a “physiologically appropriate amount”—four cups . “Four cups or more of coffee is thought to reduce the risk of heart attack, stroke, and diabetes,” Altschmied says. says. They explain why: Caffeine can “push” a protein called p27 into the mitochondria, or power plants, of heart cells. This can help heart cells work more efficiently. In their experiments, Altschmied and Haendeler found that this process has a time machine effect. In one experiment, mitochondria in caffeinated aged mice were able to perform as efficiently as mitochondria in healthy young mice.
After giving the mice the equivalent of four cups of coffee, they looked at their heart health. Mitochondria in “old” mice receiving this dose appeared to be regenerated by the presence of p27. When these mice were given by the researcher to heart attacks triggered by the destruction of heart cells, the mice with caffeine observed more action in endothelial cells, which could help the heart rebuild blood vessels such as arteries and protect against further cell death.
The team is optimistic that this mechanism may have implications for people who have survived heart attacks, but agree that this research is still in its infancy. They’re also sure there are some patients who shouldn’t drink caffeine to improve their heart health. For example, patients with tumors should be cautious, as any type of blood vessel enlargement can potentially help a tumor survive.
Still, Altschmied warns not to overdo it. If you have chronic diseases, you should definitely consult your doctor. But according to this research, four cups of coffee a day will make your heart firmer.
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