4 Simple Ways to Feel More Comfortable in Every Area of Your Life

Melike Çalkap

Melike Çalkap

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Everyone has an area where they feel best and have the lowest stress levels. Most of the time, our stress level is at the minimum level near the house we live in or the people we love. The reason for this is that you feel completely safe in your environment. Knowing that you will get positive results from the work you do when your anxiety level is at its lowest. It would be correct to call these areas your comfort zones. When you go outside of these areas, it is quite possible that your anxiety will increase involuntarily.
For a simple example, when you wake up in the morning and go to brush your teeth, you don’t have any anxiety. It’s a routine and a job you have to do. But the 30-minute presentation you will make later in the morning may be making your palms sweat. It’s all about the area where you feel comfortable. So, what can be done to expand these comfortable areas and spread them to all areas of life?

“Get out of your comfort zone. You can only grow if you risk feeling awkward and uncomfortable trying something new. ” – Brian Tracy

1) Perform Your Daily Routines in Different Ways

Keep doing the things you do during the day, but by differentiating. How Does? For example, try a different place other than where you always have lunch. Or change the route of the roads you pass on your way home. Expand the boundaries of your comfort zone by experiencing the same thing in different ways. It will be a simple but effective method to spread to all areas of life.

2) Just Compete With Yourself

Try to move forward in your work or actions based only on yourself, not someone else. Don’t try to keep up with someone else’s speed just because they can run faster than you. Your primary goal should be to exceed your own limits. Even if you think that you are progressing slowly in the work you will do, remember that the important thing is to move forward. And never give up.

3) Don’t Count Where You Are

Whatever you do during the day, make an effort to go one click above what you do. Basically, if you get up at 6.30 every morning and run for 15 minutes, then try getting up at 6.15 and running for 30 minutes. If you’re finishing a book a week, try to finish 2 books the next week. Give yourself time and act in the knowledge that you can do more than you do, no matter the subject.

4) Celebrate Your Achievements

You can congratulate yourself for just doing your daily chores the way you should. Don’t look for success in distant places or extremes. Success is everywhere. You just want to see it…

When you start to apply these methods, you will notice that the areas where you feel comfortable expand. Because you will be getting out of what you do in your daily life, even if it is small, and you will start to try new things.

“If our goals don’t scare us, they’re not big enough. The way to set bigger goals is to step safely and securely outside of that area and enter the wilderness of this frightening area.” – Richard Branson

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