Some Very Familiar, Some Very Strange: 30 Emotions Many of Us Feel But Don’t Know Their Names

It is impossible for us to stop thinking functionally. While emotions and feelings cover every moment of our lives, we are exposed to tens of thousands of emotional transitions during the day. So, can we name every emotion we feel? Some look very familiar, while others leave a strange feeling. Let’s see, what are those feelings that we can’t name?

1) Catoptric Rristesse

We always wonder what people think of us. Catoptric Rristesse is the sad state of having no idea what people think of us, good or bad.

2) Sonder

A moment is to raise our heads, sonder. It’s a moment of realization that “there are lives as complex as mine out there”.

3) Opia

Many people are in contact during the day. This is the feeling of uneasiness that we can’t make sense of when we come face to face with someone we’ve never met.

4) Astrophe

There are times when we think we are not alone in the universe. We think we are as small as a grain of sand on Earth. We look at the sky and feel lost. This makes us feel like we are trapped on Earth.

5) Jouska

We think about things that we know will never happen. We establish dialogues with ourselves on issues that will not come true. You could even go further, continue that dialogue on behalf of another person, perhaps on your own.

6) Zenosyne

There are situations where we do not understand how time passes, but this situation is a little different. Feeling that time is running faster day by day as the days chase each other.

7) Chrysalism

The pleasure of being at home on a rainy day.

8) Yu-Yi

Memories sometimes make you miss the past. While we are in the moments we remember; The desire to get caught up in emotions and experience past events with the same intensity.

9) Monachopsis

There are times when we feel lonely in crowds. A subtle but persistent feeling of not belonging somewhere that we cannot feel.

10) Enouement

While we live in the moment, we often experience anxiety about the future. It is the sadness of not being able to transfer it to the past, which occurs when the events pass and we reach the result after we reach the future.

11) Occhiolism

To be aware of having a small and limited perspective.

12) Onism

There have been times when we all wanted to be in different places at the same time. Although technology is trying to catch up with it, it has not reached that level yet. The state of awareness that occurs in these moments. The frustration that we become aware of at the thought of being in one place or stuck in one body.

13) Ruckkehrunruhe

Unfortunately, the holidays can’t last forever. The situation that describes that heartbreaking feeling when returning from vacation.

14) Altschmerz

Every day we face different problems. But there are some problems that have not been resolved for years. It’s the feeling of boredom that this situation gives.

15) Nodus Tollens

Change is at the center of our lives as the only constant thing. There are moments when life cannot express itself to you. The feeling of being aware of it.

16) Liberosis

A feeling of losing the importance of things as time goes on.

17) Adronitis

The adventure of adding new people to our lives can sometimes turn into a situation that makes us very tired. The feeling that when we’re in this situation, we’re going to get frustrated considering how long it will take to get to know someone well enough.

18) Vellichor

It’s obvious that old places always make us feel more emotional. The mild moodiness, absentmindedness and thoughtfulness that occurs when we enter an old bookstore.

19) Mauerbauertraurigkeit

There are times when we want to get away from everything and don’t want to see anyone. The desire to distance even our closest ones from ourselves when we are overflowing with the desire to be alone.

20) Kenopsia

Abandonment is the time that wears us out the most. In some cities, although there are crowds of people, sometimes we feel a quiet and eerie atmosphere, as if abandoned.

21) Rubatosis

That uncomfortable restless feeling that comes from noticing our heartbeat.

22) Vemodalen

Fear of not having different emotions while doing the same thing in repeated situations. Frustration that we cannot taste a different experience or emotion while doing the same thing.

23) Ellipsis

The time machine represents the future for some and the past for others. Most of us wonder about the future. Where will humanity go and what will happen? The sadness of not knowing this situation.

24) Anecdoche

Everyone has a desire to be heard in crowded environments. But in such cases, we see that everybody is talking and nobody is listening to anybody.

25) Kuebiko

A state of exhaustion and burnout after witnessing violent situations.

26) Exulansis

As some things are important to us, we expect people to experience the same feeling in front of us. However, the result is not always like this. Loss of enthusiasm to tell about an event that excites and upsets us when we cannot see the same reactions to the other person.

27) Lachesism

Life doesn’t always bring good things. When we are in such situations, our desire to get rid of a disaster.

28) Dysania

What a wonderful thing to sleep in the morning, isn’t it? But unfortunately, we have to start the day by fighting our great battle to survive. As a result, we experience this feeling of being unable to get out of bed in the morning.

29) Nyctophilia

Light can be tiring at times. In situations like these, we may need a little bit of darkness and calm. Loving the dark, feeling more comfortable and peaceful in dark environments.

30) Finifugal

In which situations we like or dislike the endings can change. There’s a reason to hate endings.

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