Cemre: End of Winter, Herald of Spring

Cemre means fire in the form of embers, originating from Arabic. For this reason, the fall of cemre indicates that the air temperature will rise, just as the embers increase the temperature, but also heralds the arrival of spring and the awakening of nature. When will cemre fall in this content? We answer his question and take a closer look at what the cemre brings with it.

When Does Cemre Fall?

The first falls into the air on February 19-20, and the weather warms up. The second falls into the water on February 26-27 and the water gets hot. Finally, the third one falls to the ground on March 5-6, and after that date, the weather will start to warm up and the spring will slowly start to show its warm face. But the origin of these days is not known in history.
The temperature rises on the date of each cemre fall, but it is observed that the temperature decreases even slightly in the dates between the two cemre falls. These fall days are considered as the transition days from winter to spring.

What Happens to Cemre Thought?

Among the people, the year is divided into two as the days of the speed (summer) and the days of November, that is, the days of winter. According to winter November days, it starts on 8 November and ends on 5 May, while summer days start on 6 May (Hıdırellez) and last until 7 November.
Since ancient times, these days are celebrated with beliefs such as Hıdrellez and Nevruz.
From the 100th day of November, it starts to fall into cemre and the weather starts to warm up.

In addition, the drop in cemre, which is very important for those who do animal husbandry, also means the day when the animals that they cannot take outside due to the cold will reach the meadows. For those who are interested in soil and agriculture, it means that the cultivation period of the soil has begun.

Since the weather will be warmer, after the fall of the cemre, seeds are started to be planted in the soil.
The cemre fall, which is a very common belief among the people, coincides with the dates in a way that can be considered above coincidence, although not scientifically.

Other Meanings of Cemre

Divan poets named the poems full of praise they wrote to important people because of the arrival of spring after the cemre falls as Cemreviye .

Another meaning is the name given to the piles formed by the stones thrown by the pilgrim candidates coming from Arafat in the Mina Valley during the Hajj.

The meaning of cemre in medical jargon is a blister, an inflamed boil, which is popularly known as “burn”.

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