15 Illustrations That It Is Actually A Wonderful Thing To Live Alone

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Loneliness often scares people. For this reason, most people do not prefer to live alone. But our artist Yaoyao Ma Van As is actually trying to explain what a wonderful experience it is to live alone and that it is a blessing rather than a scary one.

Drinking a hot cup of coffee while watching the pouring rain outside

Peaceful moments when you are alone with yourself and your thoughts…

Enjoying the silence and peace

Playing hide and seek with your little friend inside the house is much more fun than you think

A little friend who wants only love, away from lies and expectations, can perfect your loneliness.

The unbearable lightness of working whenever you feel like it

That feeling of freedom of being able to have fun on your own, even while dealing with the world’s dishes

You can do what you want, when you want, how you want. Even this freedom makes it easy for you to enjoy everything you do.

The comfort of being able to eat whatever you want as much as you want and drink whatever you want as much as you want.

Even the occasional clumsiness that you experience does not upset your morale.

I spill it, I clean it up. Who what!

The joy of taking little getaways without anyone’s judgmental stares

Having the morning of a day just for yourself and enjoying the welcome of the day

To greet the sun with the happiness of your loneliness… There is no better!

Making a big tray of cookies or a cupcake and knowing it’s all yours

Obligation to obey only one’s own etiquette while eating

Smack your mouth if you want, or eat it in big bites. As you wish! 🙂

The peace of mind of cleaning your house in a pleasant way whenever you want

The luxury of isolating yourself from real life as much as you want

You have no responsibility to anyone but yourself. You can get as far away from the real world as you want, whenever you want.

Even if you make a mess while cooking in the kitchen, the happiness of not having anyone to worry about it

And endless pleasure of showering for hours

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