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But a voice inside says read, right?
Curiosity has been one of the most important motivations for human progress for thousands of years. It shows that we still haven’t lost our childhood. So thanks for being here.
In this world, where we live with what we know to be true, and step into the unknown, we enter into a new unknown every day, every second.
We accept that our own equation was written even before us, and we get used to getting such results. However, in this beautiful mathematical universe, we are not trying to experience the beauty of our own equation, but to draw the results expected from us. Sometimes we change the data, sometimes we try very hard to give the expected result.
It’s up to scientists, philosophers, artists, and sometimes other people trying to make sense of life, to say that this isn’t the case. They are trying to convince you that you can change the rules of the game. Or that we need to say other things, think, do, not waste time…
I guess that’s what I’m trying to say. If we don’t like our equation, for example, we can take its derivative whenever we want. But in order to take the derivative, we need a different perspective and formula to really want it and make the reduction.

So how will this happen?
By changing the equation! If the most valuable constant in your equation is the car, the house, the job, the career, that high-end shoe, you don’t have to read the rest.
Let’s continue with the best.
The way a past impulse influences our behavior or thoughts, or the way we perceive the next impulse, is called “preparation” in psychology. Even if you consciously realize it, it activates a chain of similar thoughts in the neural network. Chalkboards bring to mind class, like the sea when you see the beach, like wine when you see a glass… This always happens to us and changes our behavior even though we are not aware of it.
Because our beautiful brain hates uncertainty and is willing to take shortcuts to get rid of uncertainty in any situation. If you don’t have a different perspective, there is no other way but the old way you learned.
This is exactly why we need new perspectives!
Here’s what you think is right: You know when you’re under the influence and how it affects your behavior.
Fact: You have no idea how your subconscious mind is constantly poking you.
Have you ever been unaware of how time and road flow on the highway while driving? It’s a dream-like state, a lot of things go through your mind until you get to your house and turn the key. Then you come out of this road hypnosis state. Isn’t it strange?
In fact, our true self is a larger and more complex construct than we are aware of at any given time.
We always divide our personal experiences into conscious and subconscious. In fact, you are doing this right now. As you read this, you breathe, blink, swallow, maintain your posture and keep your mouth shut as you continue reading.
Or do you not?

Coca-Cola uses Santa Claus figures to prepare you for New Year’s Eve, organizes a separate advertising campaign during Ramadan, and when you want to choose Coca-Cola or any other beverage, your subconscious thoughts of childhood or family values appear.
We tend to buy more when the smell of freshly baked bread spreads in the markets. Using words like “all natural” or using pictures of idyllic farms prepares us for the idea of nature, preventing us from thinking about factory and chemical additives. In every corner of the modern world, advertisers are constantly sending stimuli to our unconscious minds to “prepare” our behavior for the benefit of their customers.
The business world discovered “preparation” before psychologists, but psychologists started the work of delving into the depths of the mind. Even today it is unclear how much of our behavior is under our conscious control. But it’s a fact, we are exposed to 2,000,000 bits of data every second, and our brain can only process 164,000 of it, and the rest goes into our unconscious.

So what happens to us all the time? Can’t we put the other person in a “preparation” state?
Of course we can too! 🙂
You can prepare the person in front of you with what you wear and your words in the job interview. When you ask the person next to you to hold your hot coffee while waiting for the elevator, you can prepare him/her to have warm feelings towards you. When you organize a party, you can prepare your guests by changing the atmosphere of the environment. Starting tomorrow, you can start influencing the feelings of others with just a thank you and a smile.
Please remember this: We are most susceptible to psychological suggestions when we find ourselves in unfamiliar circumstances. If I have a shopping list with me, I am more likely to not go home with “a shopping cart full of unnecessary things I have no intention of buying” when I come to the checkout.
Many of our thoughts, feelings, actions, and beliefs will continue to be stimulated by words, colors, objects, and character traits that give us meaning.
So if we want to change our perspective, let’s take a break from these stimuli and look at life from a different perspective. When we received the Nobel Prize in Chemistry, we considered ourselves to have received it. We’re proud, aren’t we? Good things happen in this life too, we just don’t pay enough attention to them.

“I hope the country and our people there do science rather than dealing with each other and contribute to both the country and the people in other fields” -Prof. Aziz Sancar

A world in which we feel proud and hopeful for the success of others is possible. It’s much easier to beat them up and take them down. Whatever happens, change the game and prepare yourself for a better world. To a world where you will be happy to live. And this world will only become real through your efforts. So now it’s time to roll up your sleeves. Do something today, not only for yourself, but also for someone you don’t know, for a living thing.

You can change your perspective, at least try it right now, please. We need you more than you think!

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