Are Disorganized People More Creative?

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"Mükemmel fikirlere sahip olmak, onları satamadığınız sürece işe yaramaz."

The research by Kathleen Voh of the University of Minnesota is changing the general idea about messy people. Contrary to popular belief, the scattered human psychology contains an important creativity. The scientists who revealed this reached this conclusion after important research.
Studies have shown that clutter is proportional to creativity. It shows that messy people are not lazy, but their brains work differently.

Ordinary people try to conform to group norms and keep their desks tidy. Creative people, on the other hand, write their own rules and set their tables according to the order in their brains. Although this order, born out of chaos, may seem like a mess for outsiders, it actually makes creative people think. Because creative people’s brains work differently, clutter actually mirrors their minds.
They want to see in front of them every job or object that is in their minds at that moment. They can combine this clutter in their brains and create creative works. The answer given by Albert Einstein, who is famous for his messiness, to a question on this subject actually exemplifies the event.
Einstein said, “If desks reflect the inside of our brains, what do you expect us to think if our desk is empty?” He summarized this psychological finding years ago.

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