Clothing Styles and Fashion Trends: The History of Elegance

Certain things come to mind for everyone regarding clothing styles and fashion trends. We can say that the corpus before us corresponds to a vast field. Throughout history, many different dressing styles have emerged. Some of them gained local value, while others were recognized universally. In this sense, it is possible to say that the history of dressing goes back to the past. Dressing and doing it in style says a lot about a person. This ranges from the need for self-motivation to feeling safe.

Of course, fashion trends as well as clothing styles have left a great mark on history. Just like architecture, painting and cinema, fashion trends have also created certain standards. Each fashion trend draws attention with the standards it has developed uniquely. In this way, people can be affected by various fashion trends in certain periods. This state of being affected may appear as commercial mass motivation, or it may arise from the collective tastes of individuals. Without further ado, we can begin to take a look at the history of clothing styles and fashion trends.

Clothing Styles and Fashion Trends

As with art movements, fashion movements are formed by certain partnerships. This impulse, which gives birth to fashion and its trends, is mostly associated with collective tastes and demands. The common tastes and needs of people have been influential in creating certain standards. In this sense, we can say that fashion trends are more related to people than ever before. So when exactly did the word fashion and its definition appear? The term fashion is equivalent to the Latin word “modo”. The meaning of this word corresponds to the meaning of “right now”.

As it can be understood from here, fashion, which originates from Latin, means current and popular even in ancient times. This popularity of the concept still continues today. The common stylized tastes and intense demands of certain masses meet the concept of fashion. The relationship of fashion in this state with intense feelings and emotions is too great to be underestimated. Fashion affects many branches of art, as opposed to being thought of only with clothing styles. However, we can say that the historical relationship between clothing styles and fashion trends is important for our review.

Clothing Styles and Fashion Trends

The shaping of dressing according to stylized and common tastes dates back to the past. However, its very popular emergence within the framework of fashion trends goes back to the 19th century. With the advent of this century, radical changes have emerged in technology, the world of science and art movements. Perhaps the most important of these changes is the Industrial Revolution, which shook the world in the previous period. After the Industrial Revolution, production speed and efficiency gained an extraordinary momentum. One of the areas where this acceleration was affected was undoubtedly textile.

While production was relatively slow in small workshops in the previous periods, a tremor occurred with this period. Large industrial areas and textile enterprises emerged. Almost unlimited amount of products started to be produced in these textile enterprises. After this process, an important turning point emerges for the masses. The name of this turning point is fashion. Mass admiration, high demand and pleasure, stylization, etc. concepts emerge. People’s tastes begin to influence each other. This situation leads to the emergence of clothing styles and fashion trends with common standards.

1)Vintage Clothing Style

Vintage Clothing Style

In a content titled clothing style, vintage will undoubtedly be at the top. Since we know this, we wanted to start our list with vintage clothing style. One of the most common clothing styles today is vintage. Vintage clothing style has even started to be mentioned in parallel with an almost minimalist lifestyle. Undoubtedly, there is a very high graphic of the consumption culture under this. A vintage stamp marks a period when everything was bought and sold for consumption and everything was easily given up. When it comes to vintage, the first thing that comes to mind is to wear old ones, but the situation is different.

As a result of an ethical and collective choice, the choice of vintage has become one of the clothing styles that have left their mark on today. It has become one of the foreign words used in Turkish as a vintage word and term. Vintage clothing style was first introduced in the 19th century. It started to be talked about with the dawn of the century. It gains fame by integrating different and various clothing tastes and combinations. It means the use of products that are completely made of quality materials in the coming years and even in the ages.

2) Retro Clothing Style

Retro Clothing Style

It seems difficult at first glance to make a clear distinction between retro clothing and vintage. The reason for this is that both clothing styles are fed from the past. However, there is a fundamental difference between the two clothing styles. This difference is essentially what the products used and preferred are. When it comes to clothing styles and fashion trends, we should not forget the products that reveal them. We can say that the retro clothing style is a style that draws attention with its fully used products. Vintage dressing is generally to use products made of strong materials that resist history, in the period in which we live.

Retro, on the other hand, is the name of the clothing style that defines the re-popularity of certain products that have left their mark on the past. You must have come across flared trousers in a textile store where you shop. Likewise, we are sure that you have seen polka dots and frilly products. Today, the style that allows products with this style to become widespread is the retro style of clothing. The sharpest distinction with vintage emerges here. Vintage clothing style consists of combinations that are far from exaggerations and even from relatively simple products.

3) Androgynous Clothing Style

Androgynous Clothing Style

Androgynous clothing style is often considered together with masculine clothing style. The reason for this is that there is a fine line between the two clothing styles. Androgynous clothing style, in its most general sense, means that men’s clothing style is exhibited by women. To explain more, it is not to wear combinations similar to men’s clothing, but directly to wear men’s clothing. It should also be noted that in this form, it is quite common today. Among the distinguishing features of androgynous clothing style is its use in all seasons. Androgen products suitable for any area and season can be preferred.

Of course, there is a difference between the products preferred in summer and spring and those preferred in winter. This distinction affects the color and thickness preferences of the products. Androgynous clothing style is a style that makes a difference in your environment. For this reason, it draws attention among today’s most admired and sophisticated styles. Unlike feminine clothing, loose-fitting products are produced for women. Loose pants, jackets and shirts etc. products can be listed. It is used in products such as vests and ties.

4) Bohemian Clothing Style

Clothing Styles and Fashion Trends

Bohemian clothing style, as the name suggests, is a style that avoids colorful preferences. It is famous for appearing in many areas apart from clothing styles and fashion trends. It is possible to find bohemian style in almost all art movements. In this sense, it is possible to say that it is quite popular. We would not be mistaken if we say that it represents the spirit of a certain period. It emerged as a part of the rising counterculture and rebellion movement in the 1970s. In this form, it continues to be effective until today. It is a style of clothing in which minimal demands are dominant against the great and intense demands of large masses.

Konar is nomadic and is closely connected with the unlimited demand for life. The demand for a stylized and aesthetic appearance is passive in bohemian clothing. In fact, it is possible to say that it is almost non-existent and that it is not cared for. It is known for the intense use of pastel colors and embroidered products. Today, many textile companies are trying to bring the bohemian style of clothing to the light again. It is a timeless style with colorful and patterned dresses, frilly products and long skirts.

5) Minimalist Clothing Style

Minimalist Clothing Style

Speaking of bohemian clothing, it would be impossible not to talk about minimalist clothing. Minimalist clothing is inspired by life, just like bohemian clothing. When I say outlook on life, rebellion against the spirit of time, alternative lifestyles, minimalist life comes to mind. If the style of clothing is minimalism, it can be shown as the area where dressing is integrated. Contrary to the extreme, intense and majestic appearance, it is seen that diminution and simplicity come to the fore. For this reason, the opposition to maximum life and maximalist view draws attention. Minimalist clothing style, just like bohemian style, is fed by the socio-cultural environment of the 60s.

In this style, ostentatiousness is completely replaced by simplicity. Exposure of certain parts of the body is avoided as much as possible. The main thrust here is the demand for a simple life rather than conservatism. The colors and patterns of clothes and dresses are as clear as possible. It can be said that clear colors, clear lines and clear patterns are the password of the minimalist clothing style. Although it is criticized by some for being vulgar and ordinary, it is among the styles that have an impact on fashion history. The main reason for this is undoubtedly related to the fact that it does not deviate from the same line.

6) Maximalist Clothing Style

Maximalist Clothing Style

In fashion, there are styles that are far from simplicity and exaggeration, as well as styles that stand out with exaggeration. The maximalist style of clothing stands in opposition to the minimalist style in every aspect. This occurs not only as an opposition to the way of dressing, but also about the demands of life. It leaves the concepts of simplicity, simplicity and naturalness of minimalism to exaggeration, pomp and ostentation in a maximalist style. Instead of the feeling and belonging that the worn product and style leaves on the person, the impression left by the environment is valued. Let’s also mention that the maximalist dressing style is among the most radical and bold styles of dressing.

The maximalist style of clothing, like the minimalist style, begins to gain popularity with the 60s. It should also be noted that the contrast between the two clothing styles has continued since then. However, since the two clothing styles are diametrically opposed, it is not possible to talk about the existence of competition. The colors of the maximalist clothing style are extremely vivid, the dimensions are non-standard and the cuts are out of scale. It is aimed to reach the maximum display in the visible area.

7) Classic Clothing Style and Fashion Trend

Classic Clothing Style


It is necessary to avoid thinking of classical clothing as only a style. Considering the areas and styles it contains, it also appears as a classic fashion trend. In this sense, we have deemed it appropriate to consider the classical style and trend together in this title. When classical or classicism is mentioned in art, fancy words, embroidery, images, etc. comes to mind first. When it comes to classic clothing styles, the situation becomes different. It is even possible to think that a diametrically opposite meaning emerges from classicism when it comes to classics in clothing and fashion.

Classic style stands out with simplicity, just like minimalist, retro, vintage and bohemian styles. The sine qua non of the classic clothing style is undoubtedly the choice of trousers. The choice of trousers suitable for the classic style and style is a very important detail. It is possible to dress in accordance with the classical style with combinations consisting of several pieces. Classic clothing style and the slogans of fashion can be summarized as stylish clothing, stylish stance and stylish appearance.

8) Masculine Clothing Style

Clothing Styles and Fashion Trends

Masculine clothing style, as the name suggests, is the opposite of feminine clothing style. Likewise, although it is related to androgynous clothing style, it differs from it with a fundamental difference. In the androgynous clothing style and style, we saw all men’s clothing being worn by women. Masculine clothing style, on the other hand, means that more masculine lines and models are preferred for women. Many features of the products preferred here, especially their form and structure, are distinctive.

Colors, cuts, parts and lines are designed in accordance with this form. There is a very simple formula for separating masculine and androgynous clothing styles. This formula is based on; While androgynous clothing style is preferred by men’s clothing, masculine clothing meets the “masculine” clothing style. Trousers, shirts, jackets and shoes are at the forefront of this clothing style. Masculine bodies and height preferences are also among the sine qua non of the masculine style.

9) Feminine Clothing Style, Style and Fashion Trend

Clothing Styles and Fashion Trends

Feminine clothing style, on the other hand, is among the preferences of many women. Feminine clothing style and style are the opposite of masculine clothing style. This means: absolute dominance of femininity in design, colour, cut and size. The most important detail of the feminine style is femininity and the female body coming to the fore. In this sense, it is preferred that the waist and upper body folds are in the foreground. Just as the masculine and androgynous style gains importance with trousers, it draws attention with its feminine style skirts.

The feminine style of clothing is fully revealed with skirts and high heels that fully grasp the body. Feminine clothing style is similar to minimalist and classic styles in many ways. Instead of exaggerated colors, patterns and parts, simpler dimensions are obtained. In this sense, the feminine style is among the clothing styles and fashion trends that do not aim to dazzle. The feminine trend aims to find the most suitable for the person instead of following the current fashion. It is not surprising that it is far from vanity in this sense.

10) Avant-garde Clothing Style and Trend


The word avant-garde is a term that has been brought to the literature in the modern age. The term attracts attention with its fixed form and anti-standard. It appears in many branches of art, especially in architecture, poetry, painting and cinema. It takes place in the first place in the most frequently referenced movements of the modern century and era. Of course, the avant-garde trend has a saying about clothing styles and fashion. When it comes to modern clothing styles and fashion trends, the first thing that comes to mind is undoubtedly the avant-garde style. Contrasting with the everyday and going beyond the popular are the defining characteristics of the movement.

These standard preferences are replaced by more artistic and creative products. In this sense, it should be said in advance that the most important feature of the avant-garde movement is the creation process. If we say rethinking the artistic, we would not be wrong at all. It is a style of turning to completely extraordinary products instead of practical, standard and casual clothing. Thus, it is possible to argue that avant-garde movements and styles are based on life like minimalist and bohemian movements.

11) Gothic Clothing Style and Gothic Movement


Almost everyone has heard the word gothic at some point in their lives. The term Gothic is mostly associated with the Christian religion and mythology. More precisely, it is more possible to say that it was used in connection with the idea of the Middle Ages. It can also be considered as a reflection of the pessimism created by the Middle Ages on art. Gothic preferences in clothing and fashion trends began to be used in the 70s. However, even though long ages have passed, it has parallels with the medieval artistic gothic movement. Famous singer and songwriter Amy Winehouse can be shown among the most important representatives of the movement.

The artist, who has gothic preferences in clothing style as well as lifestyle, contributed to the recognition of the movement. Tulle and lace have a great importance in the Gothic movement. Of course, the absolute dominance of the color black cannot be forgotten. The most important and distinctive choice of the movement is the black color. Feminine lines in the Gothic style come to the fore. In this sense, it is related to the feminine trend and style. However, the simple understanding in the feminine movement can present itself with more ostentatious preferences in the gothic movement.

12) Hipster Clothing Style

Hipster Clothing Style

They say that every era leaves behind a new generation. Every age has a spirit, maybe it doesn’t. However, it is possible to say that the 60s and 70s created a new generation in many respects. Of course, we are talking about a generation that has succeeded in changing those before and after it. It is a generation in which art and architectural tastes, especially the view of life and the world, are differentiated. A generation that demands alternative life and stands behind it. Movements such as bohemian and minimalist are the styles that get their fair share from these generations. The hipster generation, on the other hand, is like a result of the technology attack in the 90s.

With the effect of technology, modernization and futuristic trends, a hipster trend was born in fashion. The blurring of borders with the birth of the internet is like one of the hallmarks of the hipster movement. The new hippie generation is undoubtedly used to describe the hipsters that emerged during this period. Even the fact that they are among the defenders of creativity and freedom in clothing and fashion is a sign of this. As a matter of fact, hipster has the feature of being a trend rather than a style of clothing. It consists of the integration of vintage, classic and bohemian styles.

13) Grunge Clothing Style and Style

grunge clothing style

Grunge is among the most rebellious of clothing styles and fashion trends. There is already an elbow contact with the grunge music movement of the movement. Some of the trends we have listed so far preferred simplicity, while others favored ostentatiousness. When we look at the grunge style of clothing, we can say that it moves away from ostentatiousness and simplicity to the same extent. Frankly, it would be more accurate to say that it is both modest and an escape from simplicity at the same time. What brings more comfort to the person is in the foreground. We wouldn’t be wrong if we say that comfort is synonymous with grunge in this sense.

There is no beauty or standard preference. However, when grunge is mentioned, sneakers and jeans are among the first ones that come to mind. Large vintage-style sweaters and shirts are equally preferred. With the rise of grunge music in the 80s, the trend still exists today. We can say that the movement, which is identified with the epic music group Nirvana, is literally similar to the dressing style of the band members.

14) Sophisticated Clothing Style

sophisticated clothing

The term sophisticated may differ according to the field in which it is used. However, the general use of the concept emphasizes a different situation or way of thinking about a subject. When it comes to clothing styles and fashion trends, the term sophistication appears. The use of the term here is to describe a style and style of clothing. It is quite possible to say that it is a style of clothing that covers beauty and elegance in certain standards. Looking stylish and aesthetic is perhaps one of the most crucial points of the sophisticated trend.

If we say a thoughtful and designed dressing policy, we would not be wrong at all. It also means that the person designs his own elegance, not adhering to a certain standard. In this sense, it should be emphasized that there is a creative process. Although it is not as much as the avant-garde movement based entirely on creation, there is a personal preference. Sophisticated dressing style does not belong to just one era. Sophisticated clothing preferences may emerge in accordance with the era they are in.

15) Baroque Clothing Style and Trend

baroque clothing

Baroque style is a style of clothing associated with the Middle Ages, just like the gothic movement. In many ways, it is used to describe both a style of clothing and a trend. 17. The movement, which emerged around the 19th century, first gained weight in architecture and sculpture. However, its reflection on clothing styles took place in a very short time. The gaudy nature of embroideries and designs is like the middle name of the baroque movement. It was not difficult at all to transform this into clothing styles. Although it is not one of today’s popular and frequently preferred movements, it has left its mark on a period.

It is noteworthy that the products we encounter in the Baroque movement are heavily ornamented. Likewise, the incredibly eye-catching choices of colors are another remarkable point. Although the use of corsets did not start with the baroque style of clothing, it can be said that it became popular with the movement. Corset and waist-fitted dresses became known for their baroque style of clothing. The Baroque trend also expects materials to be of pure quality. Instead of any raw material, completely natural and imported products are used.

16) Western Clothing Style and Fashion Trend – Cowboy Style

Clothing Styles and Fashion Trends

Western describes a word and beyond describing a term. Western most of all defines a location. This location is related to the beginning of the colonial period with the discovery of America. The world begins to shrink as the colonialists from Europe get to know the continent and go to the unknown parts of this area. Since the east was the first place to go, the west has always remained the land of unknown mysterious journeys. Of course, that is not the case today. The Western definition also qualifies exactly this definition.

It is possible to say all the features of the genre, especially the iconographic features of Western films. Western clothing style actually has the feature of being a trend. The reason for this is that it has become completely standardized and we can say that similar products are used. Cowboy hat and cowboy boots are the pioneers of the clothing style. Along with these, frilly and tasseled trousers are also suitable for the current clothing style. Whatever the classic clothing you see in any western movie is, the preferences of this trend are like this.

17) Vamp Current

vamp current

Vamp literally means woman who seduces men. This word, which is originated from cinema and literature, also has a style of clothing today. Although the word is based on a sexist basis, it is preferred in terms of clothing style. It is possible to dress in accordance with this trend in events held in stylish and flashy places. Likewise, it can be said that it is one of the ways to mark the gala and premiere nights. Being at the forefront of lust is one of the most important features of the vamp trend.

Although it is similar to the feminine trend, there are much more feminine and bold clothing styles. Although there are feminine touches in the feminine clothing style, mystery is more prominent in the vamp trend. In this sense, ostentation rather than simplicity attracts more attention. When it comes to vamp intellect, there must be passion and pleasure as well as lust. Vamp is a clothing style and movement associated with human passions.

18) Eclectic Current

Clothing Styles and Fashion Trends

As the name suggests, the eclectic movement is a movement based on addition. Among the clothing styles and fashion trends, eclectic is one of the most interesting. It makes it possible to use opposite colours, patterns, lines and pieces together. According to the eclectic trend, elegance and grace do not only come from standard and matching pieces. Elegance can also emerge from contrasts.

In this sense, it is possible to say that the movement has a different and extraordinary preference. It is possible to say that the famous musician David Bowie was influenced by the eclectic movement. Of course, it would be more accurate to say futuristic eclectic. Eclectic clothing style is a style that is not easy to put together as well as a fun look. Let’s add that it is a trend that depends entirely on one’s own liking.

19) Punk Clothing Style and Trend

punk clothing

Punk is undoubtedly the most frivolous among clothing styles and fashion trends. Of course, it is not possible to limit the punk movement to clothing styles and fashion trends. Punk, in its most general sense, is a living movement. We can also say that it is a slogan. It is possible to see the punk movement everywhere, from clothing to music, from art to architecture. To explain the concept of punk, it would be correct to define living according to your mind. Indeed, that’s what it means when it comes to punk clothing. It is the person to wear what he wants to wear according to his head at the moment.

It is a movement closely related to the fire and rebellious nature of youth. For this reason, color preferences are mostly black, red and dark colors. Skinny trousers with torn chains, cropped t-shirts and floor-to-ceiling shoes. How can punk clothing be better explained apart from these products? Punk also draws attention with its make-up preferences as a fashion trend. In addition to the intense and dark mascara applied to the eyes, nail paints also explain the punk style of dressing.

20) Parisian Clothing Style and Fashion Trend – Parisian Style

Parisian Clothing Style

Think of a city that has a style of dressing of its own. Paris is such a city. Although Milan is the place where the heart of fashion beats, Paris does not lag behind it at all. He completely creates his own fashion. In this sense, it must be said that Paris is a very different city. Parisian is not just a concept between clothing styles and fashion trends. Parisian is a description of life, just like minimalist and bohemian life. Frankly, it would be more accurate to say being a Parisian and living a Parisian.

It is essentially the relationship that French women, especially Parisian women, establish between the way they look at life and dressing. The Parisian style offers a confident feel. Just as in the minimalist movement, Parisian style emphasizes plain and naturalness. For this reason, exaggerated and overly flashy products are avoided. Bold touches in the vamp and feminine movements are not found in the Parisian movement. Likewise, excessive make-up and contrasting preferences are not found. The Parisian trend dictates that the style will remain even if the fashion passes.

21) Monochrome Clothing Style and Trend

Clothing Styles and Fashion Trends

We can say that monochrome is a style of clothing that means the unity of opposites. It would not be wrong to say yin yang philosophy between clothing styles and fashion trends. Monocracy, in its most general sense, consists of the equal or unequal distribution of black and white colors. Accordingly, the style of clothing emerges. Depending on preference, the same product can be in two different colors, or it can consist of different products.

The origin of the word monochrome, of course, dates back to Ancient Greece. “Monochrome” While it means belonging to a single color in Greek, it is used differently today. When it comes to clothing styles and fashion trends, Monochrome refers to the unity of contrasting colors. Monochrome like vamp current is the style not to be missed for those who aim to dazzle.

22) Pin-up Clothing Style

Clothing Styles and Fashion Trends

Pin-up clothing style is one of the styles that left its mark on a period. It is one of the most sophisticated styles among clothing styles and fashion trends. The colors and shapes of the preferred products are quite different in terms of shape and form. Let’s not go without saying that he marked an era with Marilyn Monroe. The dominance of polka dot skirts and dresses are among the most prominent features of the pin-up movement. 20. It is a fact that everyone knows that it is a style that has made a name for itself in the first half of the 20th century.

The designs that were preferred for a long time in America, especially in the Golden Age, always belong to the pin-up trend. Vamp has a kinship relationship with current. The reason for this is the female attraction, just like in the vamp current. Pleasure and attraction are the leading attributes of the pin-up trend. But at the same time, a joyful pleasure has a great place in this style. The more mysterious appeal the vamp brings to the fore, the more the pin-up style elevates romantic appeal.

23) Casual Wear Style – Casual Wear

casual clothing

When it comes to daily life, casual clothing comes to mind. Today, many clothing companies sell various products under the name of casual. The state of being away from any extraordinary and ostentatious predominates. Naturalness, sportiness and comfort are among the key features of this clothing style. It consists of products that you can easily wear when going out. Exaggerated patterns and colors are excluded from casual clothing.

Considering all of the clothing styles and fashion trends, it is possible to say casual is the most casual. You can become suitable for casual dressing without doing anything additional. In this sense, it would be correct to say that the dominance of extreme simplicity is the credo of casual style. This can be achieved in both comfortable and flexible sports shoes and simple daily wear.

24) Elegant Clothing Style

elegant clothing

Elegant aimed to fill the gap left by Pin-up in the world of clothing styles and fashion trends. It has quickly become popular since its emergence in the 1950s. He seems to care a little about the extreme elegance left behind in pin-up. But as long as you don’t overdo it. It is a movement identified with the famous American actress and cinema icon Audrey Hepburn.

We would not be wrong if we define it as a quality belt in clothing style. On the contrary, elegant style attaches great importance to clean and quality appearance. Originating from English, elegant defines being elegant in Turkish. It can be said that it is between casual wear and pin-up. In this sense, it was very popular in American daily life at a certain time.

25) College Dress Style – Preppy Trend

Clothing Styles and Fashion Trends

Preppy is among the fashion trends that have remained popular from the past to the present. When clothing styles and fashion trends are reviewed, preppy appeals to a certain group. It is possible to say that young women in high school and university age are more familiar with the preppy style. As a matter of fact, college dressing style is not based on certain rules. On the contrary, it is very similar to casual dressing. However, there are certain dressing options and preferences that belong to the movement.

These include plaid skirts, socks and shirts. Short and plaid skirts are often seen in college wear style. Likewise, sweatshirts that are not overly colored and dense are also included in the preppy trend. The fact that it is completely sports, of course, also brings the use of sports shoes. It is noteworthy to wear sports shoes under the listed combinations.

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