The Formula for Warming Your Heart on Winter Days: Denmark’s Hygge Philosophy in 11 Items

Elif Özçakmak

Elif Özçakmak

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Cold weather, dark days, gloomy atmosphere… Most of us do not like such days, we cannot find the motivation to be happy on such days. While we find it difficult to adapt ourselves to this situation in a certain period, imagine that you live under these conditions almost every day of the year… From Northern Europe, where the happiest countries in the world are, Denmark, in particular, will have managed to cope with this situation, so their happiness rates are quite high.
So how?

Denmark, one of the happiest countries in the world, has developed a philosophy for itself: Hygge philosophy.

As the meaning of the word; Like the word “coziness” in English, we can explain it with the words comfort, sincerity, warmth, as “the soul feels warm in a relaxing, friendly environment”.

You don’t just have to be in a home environment to feel happy. It is possible to feel “at home” in an environment suitable for the Hygge philosophy.

According to this philosophy, in order to feel happy, there should be dim light, warm freshly baked cookies, wool socks, hot drinks in your environment.

Lighting is very important for this atmosphere of happiness. You can use candles to get as natural and dim lighting as possible.

In Denmark, a person consumes an average of 5.8 kg of candles per year. So, candle lights are very important for a happy environment.

Stay in the moment. Focusing on the moment you are in is one of the most important conditions of this philosophy.

Lift your head from the screen and focus on the people next to you, the moment and the atmosphere.

Inside the home, everyone should have equal rights and responsibilities.

The hospitable Turkish people almost tear themselves apart to serve when guests come to the house. It is very normal to feel “tired” rather than happiness at the end of the day with endless services and treats. In the Hygge philosophy, everyone is equal. The table is set together, removed together, everyone holds one end of the work.

You can pamper yourself a little with things you enjoy.

On the European continent, the amount of sugar consumed annually increases as you go north. It has something to do with the climate. Hot chocolate, coffee, some herbal tea or sweets will do you good. Of course, we should not exaggerate. 🙂

Be grateful for what you have, no matter how big or small.

Your family can be with you, it can be a tray of cookies. Knowing the value of what you have and being grateful to them will make you feel good.

Create coziness and comfort in your environment.

Comfortable clothes, cushions, comfortable seats… Create an environment where you will feel comfortable.

You have to learn to be compatible. Be in harmony with the environment without competing or trying to prove yourself.

The Hygge philosophy suggests that people live in harmony with one another, without showing off, without self-praise.

There is no place for stress and tension in the Hygge philosophy.

Keep yourself away from chaos. Keep away from people who will upset you and lower your energy. These are things that shouldn’t happen in a happy hygge environment.

Feel the happiness of being with your loved ones.

It is important to have pleasant moments with your friends and family. When you are with them, you feel safe and happy, along with the “feeling of being at home”.

The Danes have adopted a beautiful philosophy of being happy despite the weather conditions that are uncomfortable for some of us, and it seems to be working.
What do you do to feel happy?

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