Why Do We Get Bored and How Do We Overcome It?

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When your alarm goes off every morning, do you feel sorry for going to work or school instead of experiencing the excitement of a new day? Does getting up early in the morning feel like a hassle? Don’t worry, you are not alone. As a result of a study conducted with students, it was learned that one out of every three people was bored at school or at work. So why are we bored?

1) There may be a conflict between your job, department and interests.

It’s common, but often unnoticed, that what we’re busy with doesn’t match our interests. So why did you choose this place? His salary was high/your points shouldn’t have been wasted, what do you think? If this is the main reason, you can reconsider your interests.

2) Perhaps you are not using your full capacity.

Everyone has strengths and abilities. If this place where you get bored even though you go all the time is under your capacity, it is very normal that you do not find what you need to do interesting. In this way, you may lose your motivation over time.

3) Do you have few opportunities to learn and improve yourself?

Imagine doing the same job for weeks or months. You feel like you’re going to die of boredom, don’t you? If your location doesn’t give you enough opportunities to learn, you won’t see any improvement in yourself. As a result, days of disappointment and distress will await you.

4) Having too much free time will make you bored.

It is important to take breaks while working. But when you’re idle too much, your mind will be elsewhere. Think about where to eat out of boredom, problems in your relationships, what your neighbors did this morning, etc. you can think.

5) You may also be bored because you feel exhausted and tired.

When you have many goals in your life that you want to achieve, it’s easy to divert your attention and energy away from your work. When you put less effort into your work, you may lose motivation and interest, which will annoy you.

6) Don’t have a goal?

Having the same tasks for a long time can make you feel lost. You may become accustomed to the constant repetition of your daily routine and lose your passion and interest.
Being bored is not something to be taken lightly. If this problem persists for a long time, it can lead to bigger problems such as increased stress, bad habits and decreased productivity. So how do we get over this?

  • By talking about your situation with someone who can understand and help you, you can ask for tasks that are more challenging/matched to your interests. With this move, you will both get rid of boredom and be appreciated for your willingness to develop and learn.
  • In order to fully use your abilities, you can finish repetitive and undue tasks and deal with other things that are not your responsibility. Over time, this enthusiasm for work and learning can be noticed, so you can take on more interesting tasks.
  • If you have a lot of free time, you can expand your knowledge and learn new things. Remember, equipped people are always much more valuable.
  • Discover your goals and expectations, this will also motivate you to work.
  • Never hesitate to take a break if you need it. A restful break will help you achieve more in the future. When you feel ready, come back and realize the power that a short break gives you.

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