Does Setting Goals Really Make Us Successful?

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It can be exciting and motivating to sit down and set your goals in life. Because it gives you purpose and makes you feel productive. So you find more strength in yourself to move forward. But have you ever made such a list and actually finished the list? Those who write on such lists are often forgotten or half finished. Does having a goal motivate or demotivate us?
We can say that Warren Buffett, one of the most successful businessmen in the world, owes his success to thinking about this issue. One day, Buffett tells Mike Flint, the pilot of his personal plane, to think carefully and list his top 25 goals. When Flint prepares the list and arrives, he is asked to select the five most important from this list. At this point, Mike Flint has two separate lists of the top five and the remaining twenty goals.
Like most of us, she focuses on her five most important goals and works on a list of twenty items whenever she finds time. Realizing this, Buffett stops his pilot and tells him that he is on the way to failure, and that he must devote his attention and time to the five-point list. Because the other list is just a distraction.

While it may seem difficult to just give up on some of our goals, this process allows us to find and prioritize our truly important goals.

Average people don’t know they have to avoid the things that seem important in their lives. Two things that prevent us from reaching our goals are demotivation and distraction. With the long list we have, we’re much more likely to give up on the goal we’re working on in the hope that another will come true. Therefore, we cannot fully focus on completing our tasks.

According to Malcolm Gladwell, it takes 10,000 hours to master a field. In this case, if we consider that we allocate 20 hours a week for a job, it will take us 10 years to specialize. Let’s consider Flint’s first 25-item list. He needs 250 years to master all of the ones on the list.

To achieve the success you want, prioritize your goals effectively, focus carefully on them, and stick with them.

Now make a 25-item list of goals, they can be long-term or short-term goals. Then choose your top 5 goals by prioritizing the ones on the list. Instead of throwing away the remaining 20-item list, call it the “AVOID LIST OF EXPENSES” and let it remind you what not to focus on. Because this list will reduce your time, concentration and ultimately your success. Stick to your 5 most important goals and strive without losing your motivation. Remember, this investment in your time is the key to success.

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