What is Affirmation? Daily Affirmation Examples

What we call affirmation is actually a kind of positive statement of expression that helps us to challenge negative thoughts, sabotage negative thoughts and overcome negative situations.
*Why Should We Affirm?
Many of us do repetitive exercises to improve our physical health.
So what kind of exercise should we do for our mind and mental health?
At this point, we use affirmations to expand our minds and perspectives.
These positive mental repetitions will restore our thought patterns so that over time we will begin to think and act differently.
Repeating affirmations several times a day is beneficial for everyone.
Actively replace negative thinking with positive statements.
If no one is with you, you can voice the statements in a loud and confident voice. If there is someone, it is sufficient to repeat them with a happy facial expression with confidence in yourself. 

These statements are like a seed planted in the ground. If you have bad soil, you prepare a poor growing environment. If you have a rich soil, you will get fertile growth. The more you think about the affirmations that make you feel good, the faster the affirmations will work and the better you will get.
Daily affirmations do not claim that problems do not exist in your life or that nothing is going wrong. Retraining your mind to see things from a different perspective is about conscious self-reflection and being inspired to act on the affirmations you use. 
Thank yourself for moving in the positive direction by choosing the affirmations you want for your desire to take control of your life, inner peace, and self-love.
*Affirmation Examples
Positive expression statements are a key to unlocking the Law of Attraction and creating the life of your dreams!

You should leave all negative thoughts and negative images behind and bring your subconscious mind to the present moment and fill your mind with new thoughts and images that are expressed positively. 
Repeating affirmations helps reprogram the unconscious mind for success.
 In time you will realize that we do everything ourselves. 
Do not forget to repeat these affirmations that you have added to yourself in general.
-Mystica Doctrina

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