Mandala: Art to Learn Patience and Life

Mandala has started to take place in our lives, especially with the pandemic. Many of us spent time with mandala in quarantine days and waited for the bad days to pass. So, what is a mandala? It is not just a drawing designed to spend time painting. Let’s look at the people who are curious about the mandala together.

Mandala is a combination of the words buffalo meaning energy and la meaning vessel. The Sanskrit word mandala means “circle” and can be defined as a vessel that holds energy. According to Hinduism and Buddhism, symbols that are thought to symbolize the structure of the universe are called mandalas.

History of Mandala

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The history of the mandala, which has become very popular in recent years, dates back to ancient times. Many mandala-like shapes have been found in cave drawings, which are thought to date back to about 40,000 years ago. Many mandala drawings have been found in Buddhist ruins, especially in the Khartse Valley in Western Tibet.

What is Mandala?


It is a drawing with its own philosophy. Mandala philosophy is also accepted in the medical literature. Considered one of the founders of psychoanalysis, Carl Gustav Jung is also the person who brought the mandala together with medicine. Some scientists working in the field of medicine give a lot of place to the mandala in their studies.

With the shapes made, people write down the pain they have suffered and the different emotions they have experienced, starting from the day they were born. With this shedding, the wear and tear experienced by the pain and emotional change begins to decrease. In this way, man becomes his own healer.

The main thing here is to believe in energy and make an effort to clear consciousness. With this effort, your awareness will increase and there will be an inward turn. Introversion will help you find your life purpose and help you take more confident steps for the days to come.

How to Make Mandalas?

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In general, they are shapes consisting of a circular integrity. It consists of rings or other shapes drawn around a point existing in the centre. Mandala drawing should always be started from the middle. Different shapes are added around the small circular shapes in the middle.

Monks living in India and Tibet generally make these drawings using materials such as sand and stone. It can sometimes take hours or even days to complete these drawings, which are considered a part of spiritual development. After the mandala is completed, it is gathered around it and songs are sung around the circle. After singing the songs, the mandala is broken and the products used in making the mandala are filled into a jar. It then empties into a river that exists nearby.

Color integrity is very important in the mandala. The drawing must also have a theme. There is meaning in the unity of the pattern, not in a single pattern. Perfection is tried to be achieved with pattern integrity. It has visually relaxing effects.

What Does It Do?

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Meditation is one of the main uses of the mandala. When used for meditation, the middle dot represents “I”. The shapes surrounding the point are perceived as “the universe around me”. According to some beliefs, you should place your wish in the middle of the mandala. You should draw a mandala with the shapes surrounding this wish. In this way, you will stabilize the energy and make it easier for your wish to come true. You can hang your drawing on a wall or wear it as a talisman.

The most important benefit is that it provides mental calmness. Dozens of issues occupy our minds every day. “Will I be able to get to work?”, “What should I eat for dinner?”, “What will happen to this country?”, “Does he love me too?” and dozens of similar questions we look for answers throughout the day. When drawing a mandala, you only focus on the moment. In this way, you can get away from the questions and thoughts that are constantly swirling in your mind and stay alone with yourself.

Thanks to the visually successful drawings, you can see the whole within the piece and the small details within the whole. In this way, the development of visual intelligence will take place. It is an activity that not only develops dexterity but also experiences patience. In this way, your patience resistance will increase and you will be more resistant to stress. It can also be done as a couple activity. It will allow you to spend a long and quality time.

You don’t always have to draw your own. Especially in recent years, many ready-made drawing books have been published. You can have a good time by coloring ready-made drawings according to your heart.

What Are the Benefits of Mandala?


1) It allows you to know yourself. By getting to know yourself, you can express yourself more easily and express your wishes more loudly.

2) It helps you to restore your inner peace and serenity by calming your complex inner voice a little bit.

3) Your life, your feelings and human relationships; It allows you to see the past, present and future, both in parts and as a whole.

4) It reveals the truths in your subconscious.

5) It teaches to be patient.

6) With inner peace, you begin to understand the world, nature and people.

Mandala and Therapy

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We are beings living on the earth, which is a round planet. According to some, energy is produced and emitted from circles. Since energy is produced from flats, it gives energy and peace to living things. This is one of the biggest reasons why mandala drawings are circular. Generating energy and finding peace…

During the drawing, the person who draws will express his feelings. Thanks to the colors and patterns he will use, he will reflect the thoughts he has imprisoned inside, and he will feel relieved a little. However, the colors that a person uses are not always colors that reflect his inner world. A person with a very colorful personality can use only black color weight while drawing or vice versa.

Is Drawing Skill Required to Make Mandalas?


The mandala maker does not need to have drawing skills. There is no need for aesthetic concern in these drawings, which symbolize a kind of introversion. The person can reveal the symbol they want by drawing and coloring the pattern that comes from within. The aim here is to return to yourself and relax without forgetting to be in the flow.

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