List of Interesting Facts About Sneezing: Long Live!

Sneezing can be defined as the involuntary and sudden exhalation of air by stimulating the nerves in the nose. Have you ever thought about what causes sneezing, why people say long after sneezing? Let’s find out why we are sneezing together.

1) What is the reason we sneeze?


Generally, we sneeze to get rid of the uncomfortable feeling in our nose. Sometimes you have seen that there are those that repeat many times in a row. Here comes the sequel because the first sneeze of those people was not enough to get rid of the uncomfortable feeling.

This is the reason why we sneeze when we are sick. In ailments that make the nose sensitive, such as a cold or flu, we sneeze due to the uncomfortable feeling in the nose. On the other hand, you don’t sneeze just to get the irritating stuff out of your nose. Sun, cold, allergy, illness, even eyebrows, sports, etc. trigger this.

2) How does shaving or doing sports trigger sneezing?


It is very possible for any nerve that connects to the nasal cavity to be triggered when the eyebrow is removed. And when this trigger is experienced, sneezing follows it. While doing sports, people want more oxygen to their bodies because they spend more effort. For this, more frequent breathing is required. In such a case, the mouth and also the nose may dry out. It is natural to sneeze right after the nose starts to run to return to normal.

3) What causes sneezing because of the sun?


While it’s known that dazzling bright lights are a reason for some people to sneeze, the obvious reason is “Yes, that’s it!” was not found with their shouts. Some researchers think that this is caused by nerve stimulation as a result of the sudden constriction of the pupils when exposed to bright light. Or it has been suggested that it is only related to genetic memory.

4) “You can’t keep your eyes open while sneezing.” Although the information is very accurate, it is not completely true information.

closing eyes while sneezing

Although sneezing is not completely resolved, the known and sure reflex is the direct closing of the eyes. Scientists think this is similar to the reflex our body gives when it feels pain or pain. But this situation is not an undeniable fact. Although it is often talked about the dangers, some people can keep their eyes open while sneezing.

A word of warning, by the way: Don’t try to keep your eyes open when sneezing or make an effort to stop your sneeze out of courtesy! Here is a completely true piece of information that is hardly recommended!

5) Sneezing while sleeping is not uncommon.

sneeze while sleeping

When people sleep, their nervous systems are closed. Since sneezing is basically the stimulation of the nervous system, sneezing is not observed during sleep. On the other hand, if the stimulus is too strong, the person wakes up for this reason and then sneezes.

6) Contrary to what is known, no one’s heart stops when sneezing.

heart doesn't stop when sneezing

Due to sneezing, the chest contracts and in fact, blood flow is blocked for a short time. However, this does not indicate that the person’s heart has stopped, in this case the heart rhythm of the person who sneezes changes somewhat. The heart definitely never stops.

7) If the heart does not stop at the time of sneezing, why “Long live.” say?

bless you

Contrary to popular belief, the origin of good wishes after sneezing comes from a very different place. Many people think that when they sneeze, they think that their heart stopped, so they are called long after. But this situation dates back to the plague epidemic period.

During the plague epidemic, there were times when the plague was identified with the devil. This is exactly why they believed that people who sneeze drive the devil out of them. People who sneeze are also called “god bless you” or “God bless you” for such a reason.

8) Not new information for those who have pets at home: Animals sneeze too.

sneezing animal

Yeah. In fact, the animal that sneezes the most is the iguana. They sneeze as they remove salt from their bodies as a supplement to their digestion.

Even though sneezing is loved a lot by some people, we can prevent sneezing with many precautions such as getting rid of the dust in the environment, getting away from the thing you are allergic to, and using sunglasses. Well, then let’s send our best wishes without you having to sneeze. May you live well, healthy, peaceful, happy and long with everyone you love!


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