Do You Want to Make New Decisions and Fail Again? Here are 10 Things You Should Do

Gizem Şahan

Gizem Şahan

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It’s good that you’ve been making new decisions by doing an internal accounting of your life lately. But I wish we could live together with these new decisions for a long time, right? Unfortunately it is not that easy. Those who can achieve this are on their way to success with sure steps. So, how do those who fail to do so continue their lives? Here are 10 things you need to do to make new decisions and fail!

1) What you know is enough for you; never mind progress.

I choose to move forward, not put a Band-Aid on my sorrows. I choose to clean and treat wounds if necessary, not ignore them.

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If there are people in my life who will lower my self-worth, I choose to move forward myself rather than hoping they will change. Use the sources you get inspiration from and learn something more effectively and keep learning.




2) Being different; be average.

Being the average person today has never been easier. I do my best to be extraordinary and different without losing my own voice and insight in this noisy world.

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‘Well, isn’t it selfish to think about yourself among all the agenda?’ If you are saying, here is your answer: if you don’t think about yourself, who else will? Did he think? Is he thinking? No.
Then at least do that please. In order not to be average, learn new things every day, improve yourself, read, watch, share.




3) Complain.

Complaining brings me down and makes me miserable. My thoughts determine my mood, my mood determines my words and actions. Then my behavior and decisions are affected. And my decisions affect my thoughts.

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We’re going back. I’m not going to kill my own creativity by complaining and thinking negatively by not allowing it.
Listen to classical music so you can focus. Music is a very important tool, realize its power.




4) Creating a vision, dreaming.

Create a vision of what you really want. If you are unemployed, what would your ideal job look like? If you have to move to a different city or country, how do you want your life there to be? If there are problems in their relationship, what is your ideal relationship like?

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Your vision should be a little difficult, it should give you ambition to realize it, it should excite you. It should push you out of that chair you’re sitting in while pulling you towards it. Internalize this vision, imagine it, think about how it will feel when it comes true, and dive in. Raise your standards.




5) Just asking is enough, sit and wait.

I’m not talking about the law of attraction, no. The RAS (reticular activating system) in our brain is the part that allows you to notice what’s going on around you. If you make your goals clear and precise, you trigger RAS.

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You start to see and notice things around you that are relevant to your goal. And this will move you forward. It increases your focus. That’s why people work with coaches. Because they remind them of their goals and enable them to make quicker decisions.




6) Don’t tell your problems, solve them alone and alone.

I want to be with people who have the same goals and passions as me, who are kind-hearted and well-intentioned, creative and hardworking. With people who are both supportive and able to say without hesitation when they see my mistake, push me up and help me realize what’s inside of me.

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Being an entrepreneur can sometimes isolate and isolate a person. That’s why I will take care to be with other entrepreneurs, my friends, and even people I don’t know yet but who are great on this journey.




7) Waste time.

It is important to work more productively and more efficiently. The Pomodoro Technique was also developed for this. For those who don’t know, it’s a nice technique to focus and work more efficiently. If you haven’t tried it yet, it might be interesting. Related content from here you can reach.

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While developing my new projects and writing my book, I will try to work on a minimum of 4 different Tasks by focusing for 25 minutes and then taking breaks. Every day I try different ways to be more productive.
While producing new things, it is possible for me to improve myself with different techniques. By not wasting my energy and time.




8) Adapting to change, feeling.

Change is part of life. Sometimes very positive, sometimes not at all. If you focus on continuous improvement or progress, you can manage change. Of course, it is much easier and painless to stand on the sidelines and do nothing, but after a while, it weakens you and takes control from you.
Although we cannot control some aspects of our lives, we do not want to do anything about them. We have to do something to feel alive, right?

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Of course, it’s much easier said than done. If we feel lost, trapped, and betrayed by our feelings, it’s only natural that we can’t understand what’s going on.
Maybe we need some clarity and new definitions in these chaotic times. Even more so than before. But for this we need foresight and calmly watching ourselves, questioning and researching. Maybe a little alone time.

“In order to be like everyone else, I had to forget everything and pretend nothing had happened. For a long time I did not speak to anyone; I’m back inside. I put the search distance with the world. The world was beautiful, I wanted it to be beautiful inside too. If I pretended that there was no guilt or even evil in me, I would gradually forget the evil. So I started pretending nothing happened. If you pretend nothing happened and nothing really happens, then nothing will happen in the end” – Orhan Pamuk (The Red Haired Woman)




9) Act as if everything is under your control.

Dollar, Euro rising, terrorist attacks, hunger in the world… I would like to check but I can’t. So I can continue to get carried away by the darkness of the real world and keep my spirits down. That’s easy. The most difficult thing is to look a little from the outside.
While we are looking for the labyrinth, we sometimes do not realize that we are trapped inside the labyrinth. Most of us are trying to get out of this labyrinth without much damage. Some of us are not even aware of the labyrinth. I felt lost sometimes too, I admit.
But these disappearances were about others rather than me. It was about the future of our country. It was about my family.

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It was a painful but very real experience to realize that while I can solve most things professionally, I can’t solve some of the problems of those closest to me. I realized that I can’t solve everything, that I don’t have to, that even just being by their side and supporting them can be enough. We are human and we need people. Sometimes we need to remind ourselves that we are only human.




10) Okay, let’s make that list, but you’re going to leave it unfinished anyway. Best not start at all.

The list is also the list 🙂 It is a very naive but ineffective method to write the list and leave it to think that everything will be alright and all right. We need to increase our possibilities.
Of course, it is not enough to make an annual list to change our lives, but we need a roadmap, especially lists that will remind us of ourselves and our goals when we feel lost.
If we don’t do the items on our lists, we feel guilty and unsuccessful. That’s why I realize that step by step approaching the bigger picture by setting simpler but meaningful goals is much more important for increasing the serotonin and dopamine levels in our brain.
Take quick action. And watching our change every day, every week, every month.
We create time with art, with our works, with our words, with our behavior towards each other. The past is a story we wrote together.
I wish you success.
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