The Japanese Method That Decays Laziness in 1 Minute: The Kaizen Technique

Almost all of us periodically have to set ourselves a new goal or start a challenge process. The necessity of working that comes with modern life, the condition of behaving in a disciplined way, the ability to solve problems calmly and without any laziness are among our desires.
When we can’t see ourselves in the place we imagined, we complain about the conditions and unseen opportunities. However, we often do not admit that we owe what we miss to our sole laziness. 

We give up easily when we encounter a setback with the plan we followed enthusiastically at first. Eventually, delays and stressful processes wait for us until we reach the goal. We sacrifice our life, the most precious thing we have, for the sweet peace of indolence.

So why is it always like this? 

The answer is obvious; Because we try to achieve a lot of effort, not a goal, because we quickly get tired of a new responsibility, because it is difficult to change old habits and try something new.

The technique used by the Japanese for this situation: Kaizen

To improve himself in the culture of the Japanese, who are famous all over the world with their industriousness. There is app that contains the idea of “one minute principle” . At the core of this method, called Kaizen, lies the idea that a person should try to do something at the same time for just 1 minute each day. This can be a physical activity like doing sit-ups, or a mental activity like learning a new foreign language. All you have to do is take a moment and try to enjoy what you do, no matter how hard it is. It is important to have fun, because this is the most important tool for you to continue this practice in the next days. Frankly, even the strictest person about laziness should not present any problems for them to perform certain tasks for so little time.
It’s easy for us to come up with an excuse not to engage in a half-hour or hour-long job a day, but all this technique requires of you is 60 seconds. During that time, you need to stay focused, without leaving any room for doubt.
Applying this technique properly is different from other techniques that put pressure on you and are unpleasant. Because you experience the pleasure of achieving something, even for a short time, and you get your brain used to this situation. You start to take steps towards perfection after everything that gives you feelings of joy and satisfaction. 
Thanks to your own abilities and possibilities, it is possible to overcome the lack of confidence that causes your laziness, as well as to get rid of the feelings of guilt and helplessness. 
To advance in a business, you need to feel the sense of victory and success. Inspired by such feelings, your habits begin to guide you towards the fulfillment of the task you have set. 
The time slots that start with the said 1-minute period will start to increase gradually. Initially it will only add another five minutes, but then you’ll get into the habit of half an hour. You will no longer have an obstacle to make it last longer. You will connect your goal to progress with small but solid steps.
The root of the word Kaizen: contains the words ‘kai’ (change) and ‘zen’ (good) . Masaaki Imai, who discovered the technique and proved it scientifically, believes that this philosophy can be successfully applied in the business world as well as in personal life.
At first glance, this app emphasizes the idea that results can only be achieved with a lot of effort. This whole process may seem suspicious and ineffective for people who grew up with western culture. However, unlike self-help programs that deprive a person of large amounts of energy, Kaizen; it produces tangible results, directing every person’s life to the work they want to undertake in almost every field. In Japan, for example, it continues to be used frequently to improve management techniques.

As a Japanese proverb says;

Habits create needs.

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