Is Coffee Acid? Or is it Base? Chemical Content of Coffee

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The pH of the substance depends on the rate of dissolution of hydrogen and hydroxide ions in each other. In order to say whether coffee is acid or base, it is necessary to know the Ph value of coffee first.

– A substance with a pH in the range of 0-7 is an acid.
– Substances with a pH of 7 are neutral.
– Substances with a pH in the range of 7-14 are bases.
– The pH value of coffee is 5. Therefore, coffee has an acidic characteristic.
Almost all types of coffee are acidic. The average acidity value of coffee varies between 4.85 – 5.10. During the brewing process, the acid in the coffee beans is released. And this ratio we are talking about is revealed at that point.

Is Coffee Acid? Or is it Base? What Acids Are Found in Coffee?

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There are 9 essential acids in coffee. We can rank these acids from the highest concentration to the lowest as follows:
• Chlorogenic
• Cynic
• Citric
• Acetic
• Lactic
• Owner
• Phosphoric
• Linoleic
• palmitic

The way the coffee is roasted is of great importance in the degree of acidity. Temperature is another factor that affects the PH value. It has been determined that the level of chlorogenic acid in coffee roasted at high temperatures for a long time is relatively low. For this reason, it can be said that the acidity level will be high in coffees that are roasted at low temperatures and in a short time.

The brewing method is also of great importance in the acidity of the coffee. We said that during the coffee brewing process, the acid is released in the coffee beans. The acidity value of coffee was measured higher when brewed hot and lower when brewed cold. For this reason, brewing coffee in a short time causes it to be more acidic.

Is Coffee Acid? We Answered Your Question. So Is Coffee Acidity Harmful to Health?

Now that we have the answer to the question of whether coffee is an acid or a base, let’s look at how harmful this acid is for us. It is known that as a result of excessive caffeine intake, headache, insomnia and similar complaints occur. However, it would be wrong to characterize coffee as a harmful substance because it is acidic.

There is a possibility that the acid state can trigger these diseases only if the person has stomach ulcer, reflux or IBS (irritable bowel syndrome). Coffee cannot be shown as the cause of these diseases. It is recommended that people with this disease be careful about coffee consumption because it is only possible to trigger it.

Otherwise, conditions such as progression of diseases may occur. However, if coffee does not trigger any health problems, it is very useful when drinking a cup a day.

Benefits of Coffee

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Coffee is consumed a lot, especially by employees and students, as it relieves sleepiness. It is recommended that people who work at night, have headache problems and have concentration problems consume coffee. If we want to talk about the benefits of coffee, we may need to make a long list.

Let’s take a quick look at this list.
• Consuming an ideal amount of coffee has a performance-enhancing effect.
• It has an effect that increases the coordination of the muscles.
• It helps to alleviate asthma attacks.
• It is a friendly drink for lowering cholesterol.
• Since it contains antioxidants, it prevents the increase of cancer-causing cells.
• It should be drunk especially in headaches as it has painkiller properties.
• It prevents the formation of stones in the gallbladder.

Harms of Coffee

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We may not be able to finish counting the benefits of coffee, but as with everything, excess of coffee is harmful. Since coffee is consumed too much in the working and student world, many people want to be conscious of the harms of overconsumption.

The following may be experienced after excessive coffee consumption: insomnia, heart palpitations, increased blood pressure and blood pressure, tension, sensitivity, frequent urination, abdominal pain, fatigue, reducing iron absorption in people with anemia.

Ways to Reduce Coffee Acidity

• Prefer intense roasted coffees instead of light ones.
• Making cold brew instead of hot.
• Increasing the brewing time by using the French press.
• Making a coarser grind.
• Brew at a low temperature.

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