Breathing Exercises: A Breath to Cope with Stress

Breathing exercises are a calming method that allows us to use the oxygen we take more beneficially. With breathing exercises that help us relieve stress, it is possible to achieve a calm mood. This technique, which relaxes our mind, ensures that our breathing is also beneficial to our body. Breathing exercises, which we hear frequently, are among the most popular applications of today.

Are We Breathing Correctly?

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Breathing exercises aim to make breathing efficient by using our diaphragm muscle. We can breathe correctly by using our diaphragm without putting a load on our rib cage. We see that babies’ bellies swell as they breathe. Although it leaves its place to chest breathing in advancing ages, the purpose of breathing exercises is to re-adapt to our breathing in our infancy. It’s pretty easy to test if we’re breathing properly. How Does?

1) Put one hand on your chest.

2) Place your other hand just below your rib cage, this is where our diaphragm is.

3) Begin breathing.

If your stomach swells while you inhale and descends when you exhale, you are breathing correctly. If your rib cage is swollen, you can start diaphragmatic breathing exercises.

One of the common mistakes is to only take belly breaths. Likewise, performing chest breathing only indicates incorrect breathing.

What is Reverse Breathing?

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The first rule of correct breathing is that the abdomen first swells and goes down as soon as the breath is exhaled. If the abdomen swells when exhaling, it is called reverse. The breath that starts in our stomach should move towards our chest. We should get rid of our interrupted, shallow and rapid breathing habits and have a fluent breath.

How Can We Practice Breathing Exercises?

There are many breathing exercises that help us get away from stress. Let’s take a look at the most effective of them:

Diaphragm Breath

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1) First of all, sit in a chair where you feel comfortable.

2) Let your breath circulate around your waist.

3) Breathe in through your nose and out through your mouth.

4) Apply for about 3 minutes, continuing to repeat calmly.

As we get used to breathing from the diaphragm, we can improve our breathing exercises. When we feel ready, we can move on to the next step. As for the second stage, where we may have a little more difficulty…

4-7-8 Breath

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1) Lie down on a yoga mat.

2) Count to 4 as you take a deep breath towards your waist.

3) Hold your breath as you count from 1 to 7.

4) Count from 1 to 8 as you fully exhale. You can repeat 3 times in the beginning, 7 times as you get used to the exercise.

Another breathing exercise that allows us to get maximum efficiency is a method that we can try in the supine position.

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1) Place your left hand on your stomach and your right hand on your chest.

2) Try to breathe into the lower part of your lungs so that your left hand moves upwards while your right hand remains stationary. Repeat 8 or 10 times.

3) After the repetition, breathe into the lower part of your lungs again, and fill the remaining breath into your chest. While doing this, you will notice that your right hand goes up and your left hand goes down with your stomach. You can practice this breathing exercise for 3-5 minutes.

Morning Breath

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One of the ways to start a day where you will feel peaceful and calm is a breathing exercise that you will do when you wake up.

What you need to do for this exercise that will relax your muscles and body:

1) Stand in a standing upright position.

2) Bend forward with your knees slightly bent, leaving your arms relaxed as if to touch the ground.

3) Take a deep breath slowly as you stand up, finally raise your head.

4) Hold your breath for a few seconds while standing.

5) Exhale slowly as you return to the bent knees position.

How Often Should We Practice Breathing Exercises?


The way we use oxygen, which is our source of life, allows us to breathe more accurately as long as we include exercises in our lives. According to breathing coaches, if we do it every day, we will reach the point where we can get the best efficiency. If we can make it a part of our daily life, we can effectively feel the physical and mental benefits of breathing exercises.

What are the Benefits of Breathing Exercises?


With breathing exercises that make us feel alive, energetic and vigorous, we actually breathe more balanced and slower. It regulates blood pressure and ensures efficient intake of oxygen, making you feel fit. Breathing exercises, which are thought to contribute to the regeneration of cells, also play a role in achieving a bright and healthy skin. It also helps our intestines, which is described as our second brain, to function properly.

Do Breathing Exercises Reduce Stress?

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Breathing exercises are often used to reduce anxiety in various mental problems such as anxiety and panic attacks. It has almost become a technique recommended by psychologists as an adjunct to therapy. We can breathe wrong not only with worrying events, but also with the excitement of moments of happiness. In moments of calm, we notice that our breathing is fairly regular.

Yogis, who think that the mind is a reflection of the breath, draw attention to its effect on anxiety. They say that the tighter our breath, the more complex our minds are. In our daily life, we must have heard that someone who is in a hurry or angry is told, “Wait a minute, take a deep breath first”.

Even if we don’t know the importance of proper breathing, we try to practice it internally to relax. Just as our body affects our mood, how we feel affects our body as well. It is very important to use our breath correctly to calm down mentally.

Are Breathing Exercises Harmful?

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In these studies, which have no harm, there are only points that need attention. Breathing in through the nose and out through the mouth is always the recommended method. In the case of mouth breathing, we can put too much strain on our lungs. As soon as we feel uncomfortable, we should avoid trying to breathe more.

As soon as we inhale more air than necessary, we may become dizzy and experience undesirable consequences, ranging from neurological symptoms. We must pay attention to breathing in a balanced way and as we need it. Thus, we can observe the benefits of the breathing exercises we perform.

Who Should Practice Breathing Exercises?

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The natural flow of our breath reveals our balanced stance towards life. Although we breathe correctly when we are born, the fears and anxieties we experience over time disrupt this harmonious process. The breathing technique, which most of us forget and do not pay attention to, is very effective for us to feel good. Considering that our main enemy is stress, we all need breathing exercises. We can have a much calmer day by applying it at the end of the day or when we wake up.

When we do it routinely, we can see the benefits more clearly. It can be our source of healing when we feel tense, anxious and restless. This way, we can get through difficult times more easily. If we want to reach the tranquility of our dreams, it is time to listen to our breath.


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